February 04, 2006

Painting with light

If you've got kids, you'll know that they are facinated with torches. At least, I was a long time ago and my two are now. That's good enough for me to base a sweeping generalisation on! Anyway, one of mine was playing with a couple of torches in a darkened lounge a few days ago and I decided to try a little experiment. Here are some of the better pictures that resulted:
Painting with light 1Painting with light 2Painting with light 3

Considering this was a spur of the moment thing with no prior thought about what might or might not work, I'm quite pleased with how these turned out. One hinderance to producing better pictures of this sort is that the longest shutter speed my camera supports is 2 seconds. It was actually surprisingly hard to get a lot of movement into the pictures in 2 seconds. Having a shutter speed of 4 or 8 seconds would have made the job a lot easier.

These were all hand-held. Given the way the pictures are produced, you can't tell if there's any camera shake. Actually, that's not quite true. The red "standby" light from my TV was visible in some of the shots, and clearly showed how unsteady my hands were – I've photoshopped that out! That's the only manipulation of these images, though.

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  1. Mark Jarvis

    I have done similar photographs in darkness with a 2s shutter. I have tried it with an intense blue LED light from my laptop, the blue LED display on my hifi, christmas lights, and also a plasma ball. Long shutters times, darkness and small bright light sources make for really interesting images. You can shake the camera around too and it looks funky for things light xmas lights since you get 20 point sources all with the same light-track. Try it out, use your imagination. Any funky light source in the dark.

    06 Feb 2006, 00:26

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