January 02, 2008

Nokia N82 – The normal stuff

Follow-up to Nokia N82 from Steve's blog

The N82 is a normal “candybar” style phone – i.e. no sliders or flips. It isn’t too big or too heavy. It does all the normal phone stuff as well as you’d expect. There were a few things I didn’t like, so let’s get those out of the way first:
  1. The keypad is horrible! The keys are just too small. This alone would stop me buying one. Texting is hard work, with just too many mistakes. And I don’t have particularly big fingers.
  2. The USB cable doesn’t charge the phone. I try not to let my phone batteries get so low that I need to charge them away from home, but I do keep a USB cable at work for transfering files and for emergency charging. But not with the N82. I’d have to get a second charger, too.
  3. The charger uses a smaller connector that any previous Nokia’s I’ve had (2.5mm rather than 3.5mm?). I’ve not had a new Nokia for a while, so maybe I’ve just missed this change in policy? But I have lots of old Nokia chargers around that I couldn’t use with it.

That’s it really. There were a few other niggles, but nothing that actually put me off the phone. So, what did I like?

  1. The Wi-Fi connection was really useful for downloading stuff without running up enormous bills (applications, maps for the GPS functionality) and for using the web-browser to check email, Facebook, Youtube, etc. for free from home (not from work, obviously:-)
  2. The web browser worked very well, and the accelerometer that switched between landscape and portrait at the flick of a wrist was neat, although not entirely reliable. And obviously it is far from essential. I did have trouble with some flash-based stuff that wanted a better flash player, but I couldn’t find a way of updating the built-in one.
  3. You can leave applications running in the background and switch to them quickly, which makes a quick email check really just a quick email check!
  4. The camera works very well. It is a 5MP device with a decent lens (Carl Zeiss), auto focus and a proper flash. It lets you select ISO rating, white balance, exposure compensation, sharpness, etc., or leave them all on auto. It does VGA video at 30fps too. I had hoped to collect comparisons with a “proper” camera, but I’ve not had the opportunity.
  5. The phone also supports SIP. I haven’t had enough time to spend on this to get it configured to use my sipgate account, but this could be really handy for keeping the bills down, especially abroad. Definitely worth a play.

The PIM functionality worked as well as on any other recent phone I’ve used. It syncs with Outlook with no problems and seems to deal with Outlook repeating events well enough. I could certainly use it instead of a PDA for the basic PIM functionality.

The battery life was OK. Not brilliant, but OK. Unless you use WiFi a lot, in which case you are lucky to get two days out of it even if you don’t make any calls. Which means you really need a charger at work as well as at home. Shame the USB cable doesn’t charge the phone, really…

As a combined phone/media player/camera/browser it works pretty well. I’ve been very impressed. Apart from the keypad. Did I mention that I don’t like the keypad?

Tomorrow we’ll get to the GPS and Sports Tracker…

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  1. Nokia N82

    The xenon flash really shines in the N82, gives it a one up against the N95 in low light settings. What phone did you use previous to this?

    03 Jan 2008, 16:03

  2. Steve Rumsby

    My own phone is a creaky old Sony Ericsson K750i. Not in the same league as these Nokias. Although I much prefer its keypad to that on the N82:-) I’m not a very demanding phone user, and the K750i is still fine for me despite its age. All it has to do is make calls and send texts. A decent camera is occasionally handy (the 2MP K750i camera is passable). For everything else, other devices do a better job and I don’t like relying on one device for everything.

    The flash on the N82 was really good. I was impressed by it. I’ve not had an N95 so can’t compare.

    03 Jan 2008, 16:17

  3. Nokia N82

    I have to agree about the buttons, and also they are not illuminated so unless you are a text guru typing in bad light conditions is next to impossible.

    13 Jan 2008, 08:02

  4. Phil Wolstenholme

    The keys are illuminated and I have got used to their size.

    The flash is brilliant, I love my N82’s camera.

    The move to smaller charger ports was made quite a long time ago, my over a year old n93 has the small charger too, but adaptors are available.

    Shame about the USB charger not charging though!

    17 Jan 2008, 16:18

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