January 02, 2008

Nokia N82

Writing about web page http://www.nseries.com/products/n82/

I was contacted out of the blue a few weeks ago by somebody from the WOM World web site. They’d seen this blog and thought I might be interested in looking at the new Nokia N82 phone complete with “Sports Tracker” application. The N82 is one of the new Nokia phones with built-in GPS, and Sports Tracker uses this to record routes (or “workouts” as it calls them) and keep performance statistics about them – ave/max/min speed, altitude profile, etc. – and produce pretty graphs (on the phone) of speed against altitude and such-like. Anyway, I agreed and am now the temporary keeper of a Nokia N82. Sadly it has to go back soon!

The N82 is a Symbian-based phone, and does all the usual phone stuff (makes calls, sends texts:-). A few highlights:
  • Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g), bluetooth
  • Quad-band, 3G, etc, etc
  • 5MP camera, xenon flash, 30fps VGA video recording, video-out
  • Web browser, email, the usual Nokia PIM stuff
  • 2.4” QVGA screen with accelerometer to auto-rotate between landscape/portrait
  • Music player/video player/FM radio
  • 2GB SD card provided as standard
  • GPS receiver, mapping application/route finder

The main reason WOM World thought I might be interested in the phone is the Sports Tracker application, which uses the GPS receiver to record routes and provide stats like max/ave speed, graphs of speed against altitude, etc. It is linked to a web site, and you can transfer routes to share them with others.

I’ve had the phone for a couple of weeks now and I’ll post a review is two parts, first the general phone stuff and separately the GPS related stuff.

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