June 21, 2004

More bike bits

Well, after my multiple visits from the Puncture Fairy over the last few weeks I decided to go for Specialized Armadillos. Wiggle once again managed next-day delivery even with their "free delivery" option. Getting the things on the rims was a serious pain in the fingers – had to resort to levers in the end. Still, I'm not expecting to have to repeat the exercise until the tyres wear out, so I guess I'm not too bothered about that. I also put on new rim tape and yet more new tubes, so if this doesn't sort out the problem I don't know what will

So far, I have no complaints. The ride is a bit harder, but that's because the supposed minimum pressure for the tyre is 70psi rather than the 50 of the previous tyres, so I pumped a bit harder. Could only manage 60psi with my hand pump, but I used to give up at about 45 before. I'm now even more glad that I have a suspension seat post…

I guess it'll be a while before I'm sure there's an improvement, but in the meantime the red sidewalls look nice!

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  1. Chris May

    I would recommend getting yourself a track pump to get enough air into the tyres. Halfords do a pretty decent one for about £20, and it's one of those things which, after you've used it once or twice, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

    Running the tyres below minimum pressure will tend to make the sidewalls wear out quicker – plus you'll go faster for less effort with harder tyres, which is always good. I run mine at 125 psi, although the valves on my econo-inner-tubes have a hard time maintaining that!

    Top tip: scrubbing the tyres with fairy liquid or very dilute (1:10 ) chain degreaser once a month or so will clean the brake dust and road gunk off and keep your red sidewalls looking super-pimpy :-)

    21 Jun 2004, 14:57

  2. Steve Rumsby

    Yeah, I've had a track pump on my wish list for a little while. Probably this one because my hand pump is a Blackburn and I've been very happy with it. Unless somebody knows this one is rubbish…

    Now that I can't actually manage the minimum pressure for the tyre by hand I feel more justified in buyong one. Before it was just laziness that stood in the way rather than the laws of Physics (cap'n).

    21 Jun 2004, 15:06

  3. I've got the Specialized "sport" one, which is great. Dunno if it's worth the extra tenner over the blackburn, but i just liiike specialized stuff ;-)

    21 Jun 2004, 15:12

  4. Steve Rumsby

    Well, since I'm now running on Specialized tyres, tubes and rim tape, perhaps I should continue the trend…

    Does the Specialized pump do both Presta and Schraeder valves?

    21 Jun 2004, 15:20

  5. It claims to (with an auto-sensing head, noless), but since I have Schraeder valves, I haven't tried it with presta.

    All you need now is a Specialized bike ;-)

    21 Jun 2004, 16:20

  6. Steven Carpenter

    I've got the Halfords track pump – seems ok for £20.

    21 Jun 2004, 16:22

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