October 11, 2004

More about Gmail

Writing about web page http://www.viksoe.dk/code/gmail.htm

The Linux version of this has been around for a while, but finally somebody has produced it for Windows. The GMail file system (GMailFS). A 1GB network drive, as easy to use as any other drive. It looks like this:

Perhaps I'll have to sign up for a few more accounts for myself – I'm sure 1GB isn't going to last very long!

Anybody want any of my spare invites before I use them all up:-)

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  1. John Dale

    You can't put a file bigger than 10MB up there, though, and it messes up the appearance of your in–box something rotten. And presumably for data that you care about even slightly, copying it to a service which is still in beta using an unapproved third–party hack is, shall we say, irrational?

    I wonder whether Google will allow this hack to continue working?

    11 Oct 2004, 23:12

  2. Steve Rumsby

    I hadn't spotted the 10MB limit.

    It only messes up the appearance of your inbox until you create a filter to move them somewhere else.

    Absolutely don't trust to it anything you care about. Not even your email. Probably not even when it is out of beta. Anything you get for free is worth exactly that. I do use gmail as my primary mail interface these days, but important email is delivered elsewhere also. Even Google admits that people would want to do that – one of the actions for filters is to forward email elsewhere.

    And finally, I suspect Google will kill this quite quickly. Their offer of 1GB for everyone is surely based on the assumption that most people will get nowhere near it. As soon as people start using it as network storage, this is going to be no longer true. They have been very good at building APIs to gmail so that it can be used by external services. It was inevitable, I suppose, that somebody would misuse it, and maybe this will kill off the APIs too? A bit like HTML in blog builder comments – a useful feature that you can't trust people not to misuse.

    Nevertheless, it is a clever hack (that's hack in the original sense of the word.

    12 Oct 2004, 09:37

  3. I only heard about Gmail quite recently, and it's still a mystery to me how one goes about getting a G–mail account (apart from invites)? I really could use a gig of network space as I tend to send big graphics files all the time, and Gmail sounds like the new hot thing in town. Have you used up all your spare invites, Steve?

    25 Oct 2004, 12:38

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