September 16, 2008

iPhone firmware upgrade

Firmware version 2.1 came out last week while I was away, so I just this morning got around to thinking about upgrading. If you read the Apple iPhone forums, there’s so much whingeing about the device, and about how each firmware upgrade makes things worse not better, that it isn’t an easy decision. When you think about it, though, these are a vocal minority. For every complaint on the iPhone forums there must be many, many more satisfied people who just don’t feel the need to say anything. That’s the nature of people. They complain when things go wrong, but don’t often praise when things go right.

So I hit the button and installed version 2.1. The process took just about 15 minutes and so far everything seems fine. I’ll know by this evening if the promised battery life improvements are there. If anything bad happens, you’ll be the first to know…!

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  1. Steve Rumsby

    This morning I’ve got 50% of my battery left, after 24 hours. That’s a small improvement on what I expected before the 2.1 upgrade, but is only one data point. It will take a little while to establish a trend, I guess…

    17 Sep 2008, 09:13

  2. Jim Goodnight

    The upgrade has changed my life – Now I can listen to music and browse the internet all from my phone – Before the upgrade I used the phone as a mirror.

    16 Nov 2008, 19:20

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