September 29, 2008

An iPhone compatible alternative to SportsTracker

Follow-up to Sportstracker revisited from Steve's blog

This morning I discovered an iPhone app called “TrailGuru”, along with a corresponding website. It does much of what SprtsTracker does, and more. The iPhone app records a track as you are walking/running/cycling/whatever and uploads it to the website. The app gives you just basic information – distance, time, max speed, etc., unlike the Nokia SportsTracker app which generates pretty graphs and stuff on the phone. You have to go to the TrailGuru website to get the extra analysis. My lunchtime ride is here.

An improvement on SportsTracker, though, is that it keeps cumulative statistics, so if you record and upload every route you’ll get nice pretty graphs with monthly distance, duration, etc. This is much more useful. There’s more analysis it could do once there’s more data in there (year-on-year comparisons), and some other data it could hold against the rides (cadence and heart-rate data, for example), but it is pretty good as it is.

There is a problem with the recording process, though. The “moving time” it records is longer than the moving time recorded by my cycle computer. By quite a lot – over 2 minutes during my 52 minute ride today. I know my cycle computer is pretty much spot on, so it seems the GPS software is taking its time noticing that I’ve stopped. Hopefully they’ll fix this soon, unless it is Apple’s fault in which case it will take years to sort out!!

Still, if you have an iPhone and regularly run or cycle, this is definitely worth a look…

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