June 23, 2008

An embeddable Google Earth

A couple of weeks ago, Google released the Google Earth Plugin allowing you to embed a Google Earth view in a web page. There’s an API you need to use to drive it, so it isn’t as straightforward to use as Google Maps, but there are a few sites around that wrap up the functionality and simplify things a lot.

Then Firefox 3 came along and broke the plugin, but a new FF3-compatible version was released over the weekend, so i thought I’d finally blog it. It doesn’t give you all the functionality of the native Google Earth application – no layers, favourites, etc. but the navigation tools are all there. It looks like this (obviously you need to go and install the plugin before you’ll see this!):

Powered by Google Earth Hacks | Map Details | Create your own!

This was created by the ShareIt! service, which basically lets you browser to a place and save it, and then provides a chunk of HTML to paste into a web page or blog to embed the Google Earth viewer. Nice and easy.

How does this compare to the Google Maps equivalent?

View Larger Map

I don’t think there’s a lot to choose between them, to be honest, and in many ways the Maps version is better. The navigation tools in the Earth version are better, but that’s about it, and you do need yet another plugin. Perhaps the advantages will be clearer when more services appear that make use of it?

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  1. Mathew Mannion

    Since the Google Earth plugin doesn’t work in anything except Windows, I’d have to say I prefer the maps version…

    23 Jun 2008, 11:42

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