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January 25, 2008

So long, and thanks for all the browsing…

Well, my toy is now wrapped safely in its box awaiting collection. It is on its way home…

And despite my complaints about all the stuff it doesn’t do that I’d like it to, I find that I miss it already! Sitting at home on the sofa, surfing during the ad breaks just isn’t the same with a big laptop. Watching BBC News in the kitchen, live from their web site, while making the kid’s school lunches in the morning is no longer possible. I’ve found a much larger volume of stuff to read through in Google Reader this morning, because I didn’t read any of it at home last night. I guess I didn’t realise it until I’d had the ability and then lost it, but having such portable access to web-based content is actually really, really useful. It is surprising how much you can get done in all those 5-minute chunks of idle time you have during a typical day.

No, it doesn’t do the offline PIM stuff that I want it to. No, there isn’t enough WiFI coverage outside of home and work to make it usable everywhere (unless I spend noticeably more on my mobile phone bill than I do now). But despite that, it was a very useful productivity aid, and a useful recreational device – every flash-based game I tried worked perfectly!

Now I just going to have to scour eBay for a nice cheap one. Unless anybody has one they no longer want… :-)

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