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June 23, 2006

Another successful gala concert

Follow-up to What a fantastic evening! from Steve's blog

Goog music. Good atmosphere. Spectacular fireworks to finish. What more could you want? Another good evening to end the year, and as last year I've heard many good comments from local residents. I'm sure they enjoyed it and appreciate the University running the event and inviting them.

Since we've now done it two years running, and there was nothing particularly special about 2006, is this an indication that it is going to be an annual event? I hope so.

I do have one gripe and one suggestion:

  • The food is a bit expensive. £3.50 is a bit expensive for a barbequed burger. They are very nice, but not that nice.
  • How about some kid's entertainment at the back of the field? There were quite a few small people there last night, including my two, and the music alone isn't quite up to holding their attention the whole time. Especially not the smaller ones (my 5–year–old got bored quite quickly). A bouncy castle and a Punch & Judy show would go down well:–)

Finally, a photographic contribution. I didn't do much with the camera at last night's concert. I was with other people and couldn't really wander around to get a good vantage point for shots of the stage. Instead I went for the atmospheric shots and ended up with this:
Gala finale
The contrast of the lit stage with the clould formations was what appealed about this one. It was taken towards the end, just before 10:30pm.

I have a video of the fireworks that I'll link to when I can. Since it is a 150MB file I'm having to wait for it to be accepted by Google Video – I don't have anywhere else to host a file that big! Watch this space…

Update: The video of the fireworks is here. Google Video also has last year's. These recordings don't really pick up the sound of the fireworks – they could never do justice to the physical thump you feel when the big ones go off. But that's not necessarily a bad thing, because the sound of the crowd's reaction is just as entertaining!!!

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