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June 22, 2006

March cycling, targets and yet more records

Follow-up to February cycling, targets and more records from Steve's blog

The trend continues, with yet another record month in March – 269 miles. An enourmous leap from my previous record of 223 miles set only last month. I'm clearly taking this far too seriously! And once again, this was after losing a few days at the start of the month, this time due to a broken bottom bracket. My daily average is also at its highest for the year – 7.9 miles per calendar day (i.e. including non–cycling days) or 11.4 miles per cycling day.

The numbers:

Annual target2500
Distance this month269 miles
Total distance this year710 miles
Target distance for end of March616 miles
Predicted date to target14th November
Predicted annual total2878
Cycling days this year61 (69%)
Ave miles per calendar day7.9

Next month is definitely not going to continue the trend. I know I'm going to be away for several days, and some of my working days will be non–cycling days too. I reckon I'll be doing well to make 200 miles in April – somewhere in the region of 170 is more likely I think. It'll be interesting to see what happens to the predicted total after my first quiet month – is my revised target of 2500 miles for the year too optimistic? Or maybe this will just spur me on to cycle harder on the days I am on too wheels? We'll see…

And finally, I've now spent just over 2 days (53 hours, to be precise) cycling so far this year!

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