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September 19, 2005

My first 360

360o panorama, that is. This was taken from the top of Thorpe Cloud in Dovedale on Saturday afternoon, and as usual it was put together with autostitch.
360 degree panorama taken from the top of Thorpe Cloud in Dovedale
(The link goes to a full resolution version stored elsewhere as it is much too big for Blogbuilder – beware, it is a 20MB image of over 40MP)

I broke my usual rules with this, taking all the shots handheld (I wasn't about to lug a tripod up there) and left the camera on auto (I was in a hurry), but the result is not too bad. Of course it suffers from the usual autostitch curved horizon, and you can see areas where the exposure varies a bit too much. There are 17 individual pictures stitched together for this shot.

Because it is a 360o pano, and because autostitch is completely automatic, I had no idea where it would start and stop. As it turns out, the first shot I took has ended up in the middle. That's where the "ghost" is – somebody who was standing on the peak when I took the first shot but who had gone by the time I got back there after taking all the others. I'll edit that out sometime.

Thorpe Cloud is 930' about sea level (GPS height) and about a 450' climb.

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