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September 17, 2008

Sportstracker revisited

Follow-up to Nokia N82 – GPS stuff from Steve's blog

Back in January I wrote about Nokia’s SportsTracker, which is a phone-based application that uses GPS to record a “workout” including the route itself and various other stats, and then provides a set of mostly useful reports and pretty graphs. Since SportsTracker is on the E71 I got a couple of weeks ago I thought I’d try it again, and in particular I recorded my MacRide cycle a couple of weekends ago.

The end result is here. There’s no easily embeddable version, but you can wrap it in a simple iframe:

The workout profile is interesting, and you can clearly see Bakers Hill in the Cotswolds, about 45 miles into the route, where I had to get off and push because the hill was so steep. Oddly, you get more graphs in the phone version of the app than on the web version, which is a bit surprising.

It seems like not a lot has been done to this since I last tried it. I would really want cumulative distance and time figures to support my quest for annual totals. Those should be easy to do. A moving average speed would be good too. On the plus side, last time, I complained that you couldn’t import GPS tracks from other devices. You can now, as well as creating them manually by clicking on a map. That’s good.

Overall, this is still interesting, but not interesting enough for my purposes. I need to record every route and have cumulative statistics, like I currently get from MyCyclingLog. SportsTracker could be really good, but it isn’t yet. And given some of Nokia’s current focus on community services, the community functionality in SportsTracker is somewhat lacking too. I’d expect groups and friends in there somehow.

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