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October 12, 2007

My deficit is now below 100 miles…

Follow-up to My deficit falls below 300 miles for the first time in a while… from Steve's blog

My record month last month, and an even better month so far this month (200 miles in two weeks…) has gone a long way to helping me catch up with my target. As of now I’m just 96 miles behind, so I’ve caught up 200 miles since the end of August. That’s 200 miles on top of the 420 I should have done in that period anyway.

So I’m currently a little more optimistic that I can actually catch back up, and so make my target of 3000 for the year. It is looking possible now. There’s still some work to do, though – 750 miles and 2.5 months left. 300 miles a month for the remainder of the year. Let’s hope the weather is kind to me…

Still catching up with gmail…

Follow-up to I'm catching up with Gmail… from Steve's blog

Almost 18 months ago my gmail account was at 1GB and 37% of the then allowed 2.6GB. Today I’m at just over 2GB (2107MB, to be precise) and 72% of the allowed 2.9GB. At this rate, I’d run out sometime in the next 12 months and have to contemplate paying for more.

So I was quite relieved to discover that Google are speeding up their counter so I won’t catch up quite so quickly. I wonder if they’ll speed it up enough that they’ll start pulling away from me? I hope so, or I might have to start deleting stuff. Surely not…

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