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August 05, 2010

It has been a bit quiet around here of late…

For various reasons, I seem to have been somewhat neglecting this blog recently. Much of what I would have previously posted now goes to Twitter and Tumblr these days, which doesn’t leave me with much to post here. I must try harder…

The good news is that I have some new gadgets whizzing towards me, for trial purposes as usual. And this time they aren’t Nokia gadgets! Having been slightly underwhelmed by the iPhone 4 I’ve been taking some time to look at alternatives, and in particular at Android devices. I’ll shortly be getting my hands on an HTC Hero. I’m more interested in the HTC Desire as my iPhone replacement, but the Hero will give me a pretty good idea of what living with Android would be like. And that’s not all! I’m also going to get to play with a MiFi for a while.

I haven’t given up on Nokia, though, and I’m hoping to get my hands on an N8 soon. I’m looking forward to that – the specification looks really good. As ever with Nokias, the devil is in the software.

I’ve also been off the bike for a while thanks to a car driver that was following the old French rules of the road at a roundabout. I’m hoping to get back on two wheels sometime soon (and now that I’ve said it in public, I suppose I’m going to have to). Maybe there’ll be some cycle-related blogging coming soon, too?

So, if there’s anybody left still reading this blog then prepare for some new content, and once again my apologies for neglecting you for so long.

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