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July 21, 2006

Warwick Cookout?

Warwick Cookout?

We've had Warwick Shootout for the past two years. The extreme film making festival gives teams 24 hours to make a 7 minute film using only a camera and their wits. Now, The Warwick Skills Team have a new idea…

"Warwick Cookout" (working title). The idea is simple:

Teams are given 24 hours to think up, then cook up the best feast they can.

After a little thought, we think the plan is workable, but help will be needed, any ideas would be greatly appreciated, also if you'd be up for taking part or think we should give up on this unsubtle rouse to get ourselves a free meal.

As with Shootout, there will be rules in place to prevent sneaky people popping off to Waitrose and bringing back a slap–up ready meal. So far these include:

A list of ingredients, a fixed number of which must be used.*
A cap on the budget (how original).
A visit from one of the judges during preparation.
Teams must provide a detailed recipe as part of their entry (not just ingredients but step–by–step instructions with measurements).
If a team gets caught cheating, they can't taste any of the other team's entries and have to watch as everyone feasts!

* We'd like the list to be all local produce and, rather than just looking for financial sponsorship, try to get some sponsorship in the form of delectable ingredients…

Ideally, we'd like to provide some space on campus where food can be prepared and cooked/heated. If "Cookout" proved really popular, this would be for people without access to a reasonable kitchen, or a car if they have a decent kitchen but live far away.

The judging would, with any luck, involve 'foodie' alumni – chefs, restauranteurs, people who eat lots and once the judges had gone round doing the tasting, there'd be loads of food left over for everyone to dig in.

To ask one person to make a three course meal might seem a little bit of a tall order, but for teams of five, it would seem fair to ask people to make three courses.

Awards could be for:

Best Starter.
Best Main Course.
Best Dessert.
Best Overall Meal.
Best Response to brief (Meals using many of the set ingredients effectively)

To turn this into a reality, the first thing we'd need is some idea as to whether anyone would like to take part. Then for ideas about how to refine the brief…

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