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January 31, 2009

Hello from Adrian Smith, Operations Management Tutor

Dear All,

Welcome to the Warwick MBA operations Management module. I think it’s a really interesting module as it allows you to apply the 'theoretical' Operations Management concepts to everyday life. Personally, I find this an interesting and rewarding experience!

Please make contact me via the blog and, if possible by email, ASAP.

I work for the car company JaguarLandRover and have a background in process improvement and 'internal consulting'. I completed a Distance Learning MBA in Warwick ca 10 years ago and live in a small Market Town half way between Warwick and Oxford.

When completing your blogs, as a general rule, I would like to use examples outside IBM. This will give you a broader range of things to discuss and help you to find good examples to illustrate your blogs. It also allows you to analyse industries and examples that interest you. (I received a really good blog last year – it analysed an ice-cream parlour on Lake Geneva, which belonged to a friend of the student).

Also, the best way to approach the module is to review and comment on each others blogs. The group has far greater insight than any one of us. Therefore it is important to learn from each other and to post your thoughts on other people's blogs.

I do fully appreciate (because I have done it) that it doing an MBA in addition to one's 'day job' and every day life is very hard work, and that it is easier to delay doing the work for as long as possible. Please avoid this temptation with the OM blogs. This approach is unfair on people who complete their blogs in a timely way and reduces your opportunity to give and receive feedback from other people (myself included).

To ensure I am immediately aware when you have entered or updated a blog, or if you have any pressing questions, please email me on my work email asmit260@jaguarlandrover.com. This will help me to respond as promptly as possible.

I hope you enjoy the module!