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November 27, 2007

Zoho and Google Gears: offline editing

Writing about web page

Zoho, the online word-processor, now implements Google Gears to provide offline editing of documents within the browser.

If you’ve got Google Gears on your computer, you can download selected Zoho documents to your hard drive with just a click. The pages for those documents will then be accessible inside your browser, even with when you are not connected to the internet. Someday soon, the company says, the other Zoho apps will also be available offline as well.

Cool – although I’m still not totally convinced that there’s a great need for ‘occasionally-connected clients’ I used Zoho to write up my final year project and there was the odd time when I couldn’t access a hotspot. Now I’m using Buzzword a lot more (I prefer the interface), but an AIR version of Buzzword would be an interesting alternative.


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