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May 13, 2007

Coed Llandegla ride report

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Chris on the boardwalkMe on a bermWheeee. Chris took me to Coed Llandegla today for a damp but exciting blast through the trails there. This was my first major outing for several months so I wasn’t sure whether my legs would keep up the pace over the required three hours, but as it turned out I was fine. The trails are excellent, with a lot of emphasis on jumping; North-Shore boardwalks, tabletops and fast rollers are everywhere, so there’s plenty of opportunity to get airborne.

Unfortunately for me, such opportunities were mostly wasted thanks to a pair of lost cycling shoes and the zero-grip combination of rain, Rowley XTs and Mallet C pedals. For the most part I was forced to adopt a ‘knees together’ stance in order to prevent myself flying off the bike at every jump, but I still had a heap of fun.

The weather started to close in towards the end, but we were spat out right by the trail centre and hot cups of hot chocolate and tea, plus bacon baps followed, before we headed home in the now very heavy rain. I really want to try the Stinky there, aware of course that what goes down, must also be ridden back up, but I have to try those tabletops on a bike with big travel.
Coed Llandegla boardwalkChris takes a berm

December 10, 2006

Bike cleaning maths

Dirty bike


Muc off

+ 1 hour + (1 pair cold wet feet + (1 new chain + lots of swearing)) =

Clean bike


August 11, 2006

Bike report – Sherwood Pines

Chris and I spent a few hours mashing the suspension on our bikes Weds evening at Sherwood Pines near Mansfield. For me this was a confidence–building session, for Chris it was simply a case of seeing if I'd follow him over and off increasingly scary stuff until I twitched.

We started with a nice blast along some tame singletrack until we came to the first play area – a few small jumps and rollers to practice on – we both managed to leave the ground with respectable ease and soon got bored, so we moved round the corner to the section with a nice dirt jump and some steep downslopes where, last time we were here, Chris was throwing his hardtail off the drops but I wouldn't even try. This time I followed him down all but one of the drops and confidence was building all the time.

Next up, a terrific blast through some fast singletrack to the next area, which was the best yet. Last time we were here there was a large set of dirt jumps, but these have since been removed. In their place though is a number of rolling jumps, drops and transitions that proved to be blast to ride. Eventually though Chris's confidence and skill predictably outshone mine, as he hucked the Coiler off a nasty almost–vertical 5–foot drop that used every last inch of his bike's travel, plus a fair bit of his legs'. Despite several approaches I just couldn't find the courage to do it, pulling up each time. I'm regretting it now of course. I'm also regretting not taking a camera to capture a few shots of us in the air, grinning/grimacing dependent on our mid–air appraisal of the forthcoming landing…

July 31, 2006

New bike

All the gear, no idea. At least that's the starting point for a new venture in MTB'ing for me. In the end the will to resist a bike with more travel than a monster truck was too much, so here's what I will be mostly riding for the rest of this season (taking into account the fact that I have been riding nothing very much at all this season); a Kona Stinky.Kona Stinky Matt–black with about 7" of travel and tough finishing kit this is my first foray into freeriding, which essentially means that I can no longer pull up at a 2ft step–down and blame the bike. In an attempt to extend my confidence just far enough I've also acquired a few bits of protective kit; some body armour courtesy of BrandX and a full–face helmet from Bell.

First impression of the bike; at first the front wheel feels like it's way out in front (which it is thanks to a slack head angle) and at first glance the large frame size (I tried a 16.5" but it felt too tight) means it looks like it'll be a handful, but once you're on and riding the Stinky feels just right. The cheapo forks (Marzocchi Drop–Off Triples) feel sticky and tight, and despite numerous adjustments of the preload and positive air they have an annoying click and a ton of stiction at the beginning of their travel, but I intend to replace these asap with something more becoming. Otherwise so far it's all good. I'm looking forward to some early–morning practice sessions at the local jump spot and Cannock's DH course :–)

July 06, 2006

Bike fleet repairs

Just spent a relatively fruitful evening spent fettling my bike fleet (currently two; unlike some people some of us have a degree of self–control). The Specialized no longer sits looking forlorn and dusty in the garage, thanks to a repaired inner tube and some new brakes, and despite a couple of annoyingly frayed cables is looking all shiny and ready to ride again. The Marin got a wash, lube and general tweak–up. A quick test run round the garden seemed to suggest that both bikes have gone back together ok and wouldn't fall to pieces. It also suggested that a couple of dirt–jumps either side of the apple tree would create a spiffing '2–pack' :–)

The bad news is I still haven't got hold of replacement split–pin for the rear disc on the Marin so it's still unusable; Halfords were no use at all and a couple of possibles from my Dad's drawer–of–car repair–miscellany were too big, so I might try and pop into Albany Cycles tomorrow to see if they have anything suitable. Mind you, this might be a good excuse to get a set of Monos…

Note to self: liberal application of Teflon lube over the new patio may result in an evening of stony silence from other members of the household. Next time do it in the kitchen :–D


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