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March 06, 2008

Scoble on Adobe/Apple spat

Follow-up to No Flash Player for iPhone? from [Ux]

I knew there was more to it than performance, and while much of the iPhone SDK stuff was genuinely impressive, now I think I was right to say that Apple wants complete control over its vertical sales model. However, multitouch games on iPhone, Spore, EA, Sega, OpenGL, Exchange server support, Cocoa Touch; awesome moves. And with the Nokia S60, tie-in MS is using every available resource and tactic at getting Silverlight adopted. Despite the release of AIR and Flex last week I think Adobe has to move fast to ensure its product line remains dominant. Heady stuff.

On a related note, some people have suggested that Apple is holding onto its $multi-billion reserves in order to commence a takeover of Palm or Adobe. I particularly liked the suggestion that if it took over Palm, they could rename the company Pomme (it’s all in the pronunciation).


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