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May 04, 2006

Good customer service

We regret to inform you that we are currently unable to fill your order for an iShok Nano case. We have had some minor, unforeseen manufacturing issues that prevented our cases to be available for shipping by our April commitment date. These challenges will only delay the product for a short period of time, but our business policies prevent us from holding your order open any longer. Because of this delay, we are giving you a full refund of the total cost of your order. In addition, when the iShok Nano cases are ready for delivery, we will be sending you a complimentary iShok case free of charge.

Now that's what I call excellent customer service. Sending one from the US for free, just because I have to wait a few more weeks is fantastic – thanks iShok :–)

September 18, 2005

Nano No–No

Phooey. There I was, poised to pick myself up a shiny white Ipod Nano in the Birmingham Apple store yesterday (hey, you've got to do these things right; simply mail-ordering or buying from Dixons would be missing out on an essential part of the experience) and what happens? None in stock! Well not any 4GB ones anyway, and I don't want a 2GB one, so that was that :-(

Apparently they will have some 4GB ones in the UK by the middle of next week, so I'm hoping to get back there to pick one up then.


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