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April 21, 2008

Flash 9 webcam support in Linux

This is a bit annoying – we’d planned to use a number of EEE PCs with our Flash-based media streaming applications for a new kiosk-based project, and after some spectacularly unsuccessful tests today with an EEE PC and a range of webcams (including the built-in one) it seems that the problem is with Flash itself – it only supports VideoForLinux (V4L) and not the current V4L Level 2. V4L was removed from the Linux kernel way back in 2006 so I was surprised to find that V4L L2 isn’t there in Flash Player 9.

Apart from the EEE PC, this also discounts an number of other potential devices like the N800/810 and we’ll have to look at Windows UMPCs instead (which is likely to severely impact the budget), or alternatively install Windows on the EEEs (which is a hassle).

I agree with Aral – there’s an explosion of ultra-mobile, Linux-based devices out there now with webcams that could be used to enable video and audio-based communications and blogging, but at the moment we can’t lever them in Flash, and that’s a shame.

March 31, 2008

AIR Linux Alpha released on Adobe Labs

Writing about web page

AIR for Linux Alpha was released today on the Adobe Labs site. It’s far from fully-functional yet but it looks like most of the important stuff is there, certainly enough for me to test my AIR applications with.

February 26, 2008

AIR Linux beta–testing

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There’s a post on James Ward’s blog asking for beta-testers for the forthcoming AIR client for the platform. Kevin Lynch recently demoed an alpha version of the client at Engage2008 and although its still early days (release is scheduled for sometime later this year) at least it demonstrates that Adobe is actively working on getting AIR to Linux as soon as possible.


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