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March 19, 2008

Flash on iPhone after all?

Writing about web page

The plot thickens. I really must get out more…

Adobe made comments today that they will be delivering a Flash client for the iPhone. According to Adobe’s Chief Executive Shantanu Narayen, Adobe has downloaded the iPhone SDK and is planning on building a Flash Player for the iPhone and distributing it via Apple’s iTunes App store.

Which is a bit confusing – wouldn’t an application created via the SDK have to run in standalone mode, rather than as a plugin to Mobile Safari? Also, now that Safari 3.1 is out and contains support for video tags and CSS animation/webfonts, I think it’s fairly clear that Apple has its own view on the future of rich web apps, but unless they’ve sorted out the over-zealous font-smoothing (especially on Windows) I’ll stick with ‘slow’ Firefox.

March 06, 2008

Scoble on Adobe/Apple spat

Follow-up to No Flash Player for iPhone? from [Ux]

I knew there was more to it than performance, and while much of the iPhone SDK stuff was genuinely impressive, now I think I was right to say that Apple wants complete control over its vertical sales model. However, multitouch games on iPhone, Spore, EA, Sega, OpenGL, Exchange server support, Cocoa Touch; awesome moves. And with the Nokia S60, tie-in MS is using every available resource and tactic at getting Silverlight adopted. Despite the release of AIR and Flex last week I think Adobe has to move fast to ensure its product line remains dominant. Heady stuff.

On a related note, some people have suggested that Apple is holding onto its $multi-billion reserves in order to commence a takeover of Palm or Adobe. I particularly liked the suggestion that if it took over Palm, they could rename the company Pomme (it’s all in the pronunciation).

March 05, 2008

No Flash Player for iPhone?

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It looks like the iPhone won’t be seeing any Adobe Flash action anytime soon if Steve Jobs’ recent words are anything to go by – I’m not expecting to see any support in the iPhone SDK announcement. Battery life and performance are valid concerns of course, but there many ARM devices available that offer FP9 already (many with lower core specs than the iPhone), and I think there are other factors at work here – one reason might be that because Flex delivers rich applications, enabling Flash Player would essentially enable ‘unsigned’ RIAs to run via the Player. I can’t imagine applications designed for the web scaling well on an iPhone anyway, but you could imagine Flex apps designed for the iPhone screen that offered a similar experience to the native UI. Shoring up Quicktime, HTML5 (when it finally gets here) and WHATWG all probably play a part too, but I think for iPhone users it’s a shame Flash isn’t there – advertising aside there are many great games, application and video sites iPhone users can’t access.


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