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February 06, 2008

Aviary – integrated creative tools

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Via Ryan Stewart’s blog, I’m quite taken with Aviary, a new set of integrated Flex/AIR applications that provide a range of creative tools. Integrated is the keyword here, because what they’ve done is to take a modular approach to the applications (there are separate applications for image-editing, vector drawing, 3D modelling, audio editing, video editing, layout and publishing, a word-processor and many more) while allowing them to work closely together, kind of like the Adobe Creative Suite tools work:

You can import a swatch from Toucan into Phoenix, while doing complex bitmap processing of a 3D object developed in Hummingbird. Finally, you can take your finished artwork and lay it out in Owl as the DVD artwork for a music CD you and your friends put together in Roc and Myna and offer it for sale in our marketplace, Hawk.

The other useful aspect to this is that the suite also allows collaborative working and sharing, so documents created in each application can be worked on by a team. Using these tools as an AIR application on the desktop, then seamlessly sharing it with others so they can work on it sounds like a great real-world application of the AIR concept.


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