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June 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Emily

Emily and the giraffe 2006Happy 3rd birthday to Emily, who spent the day mostly on my shoulders telling me which animal enclosure to head for next at Twycross Zoo. I was quite happy with this arrangement; the drawback of going to the zoo on a hot day is that most of the animals are asleep in some shady corner, where 3–year old children can't quite see them, but most of all it meant that my head was kept nice and shaded in the 23deg heat.

She loves her new bright orange slide (I am more circumspect – it clashes with my green fence). Her bouncy castle is ace though, and she's been whizzing round like Jenson Button on her scooter. We can often judge the success of a day by how quickly Emily goes to sleep in the car on the way home – it took her about 10mins today, which means she had a great time. Us too. :–)


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