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May 13, 2007

Chris takes a berm

Chris takes a berm

Path to image: /images/stevencarpenter/2007/05/13/p51301592.jpg

Me on a berm

Me on a berm

Path to image: /images/stevencarpenter/2007/05/13/p5130158.jpg

Chris on the boardwalk

Chris on the boardwalk


Chris at Llandelga

Path to image: /images/stevencarpenter/2007/05/13/p5130160.jpg

December 10, 2006

Muc off

Muc off

Path to image: /images/stevencarpenter/2006/12/10/muc_off_kit.jpg

Clean bike

Clean bike

Path to image: /images/stevencarpenter/2006/12/10/pc100024.jpg


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