June 21, 2007

WiiFlash fun

Writing about web page http://www.wiiflash.org

I spent last night playing with a Nintendo Wiimote in Flex, using the cool WiiFlash API. Setting it up is easy – firstly hook your Bluetooth connection to the Wiimote and start up the WiiFlash server. Then in FlexBuilder, link the WiiFlash SWC library to your project and off you go. Here’s the simple demo code I created; on pressing the B button it reads and reports the Wiimote pitch and yaw values, rotates an image based on the raw pitch value and adds some rumble for effect.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<mx:Application xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="absolute" creationComplete="initApp()">
            public var roll:Number;
            public var yaw:Number;
            public function initApp():void
                var myWiimote:Wiimote;
                import flash.display.Sprite;
                import org.wiiflash.Wiimote;
                import org.wiiflash.events.ButtonEvent;
                import flash.events.Event;
                myWiimote = new Wiimote();
                myWiimote.connect("localhost", 0x4a54);
                myWiimote.addEventListener(Event.CONNECT, onConnect);
                myWiimote.addEventListener(ButtonEvent.B_PRESS, onBPress);

                function onConnect():void
                    trace("Wiimote connected :-)");
                function onBPress(evt:ButtonEvent):void
                    trace("B Button" + evt.state);
                    myWiimote.rumble = true;
                    myWiimote.rumbleTimeout = 150;
                function getPosition():void
                    roll = myWiimote.roll;
                    yaw = myWiimote.yaw;
    <mx:VBox x="26" y="29" height="100%" width="344">
        <mx:Text text="Wiimote position:" fontSize="15"/>
        <mx:Text id="roll_txt" fontSize="18" text="Roll: {roll}"/>
        <mx:Text id="yaw_txt" fontSize="18" text="Yaw: {yaw}"/>
        <mx:Image source="c:\winter.jpg" width="200" height="150" rotation="{roll}" horizontalCenter=""/>

For my next trick, I shall make the LEDS dance a little display, but I’m really just waiting for the Papervision 3D framework to become available so I can try manipulating 3D models with this. As I’m using FlexBuilder 3 Beta I might also try making a simple AIR desktop game that uses the Wiimote.

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