May 19, 2004

Things that annoy me…

Things that annoy me this week (in no particular order):

1. Washing up.
2. Prevarication.
3. Modified Vauxhall Novas.
4. Hairdressing salon names ('Fringe Benefits', 'Klassic Kutz').
5. People that don't hold doors open, or don't thank you for doing so.
6. Manufactured 'Pop'.

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  1. John Dale

    > Modified Vauxhall Novas

    What? But they're so cool. Especially the white ones with the 2" ground clearance, the blacked-out windows and the oversized exhaust. Show some respect!

    19 May 2004, 22:41

  2. Steven Carpenter

    Oh yes, cool. As are shellsuits and wearing bluetooth headsets outside of your car.

    19 May 2004, 23:02

  3. There was an entire photo-journalism piece in the Observer about a month ago on cheesy hairdresser's names and shop fronts – very entertaining!

    20 May 2004, 09:37

  4. taylor

    wot u on about vauxhall novas r class u have no style. novas r class bacause all the different mods u can do to it/.

    14 Jan 2005, 19:44

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