November 15, 2004

New Citroen C4 ad

I like the new Transformer ad for the Citroen C4 (actually I quite like the exterior design of the car too); very clever. The music is cool too - I think it's Les Rhythmes Digitales but I can't remember the name of the track.

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  1. Chris May

    As ever, only google has the answer

    It's 'Jacques your body' by LRD. I thought the cuts/perspective changes in the online advert were a bit severe, esp. as it's transforming – I hope the TV version is a bit more 'complete'

    15 Nov 2004, 21:15

  2. WyldFyre/D@rkSun

    thank you muchly for the .mpg & the music, classy ad, have been after the music for a few days.
    thanks :)
    WyldFyre/D@rkSun x

    18 Nov 2004, 21:14

  3. oxymoron_02

    That /is/ the full advert. In fact, it might even be a little longer than the one shown commonly on TV.

    Thanks for the link, err… Steve?

    19 Nov 2004, 13:01

  4. videoChris

    If u like the ad have a look at this 4 minute video remix with full LRD track


    22 Nov 2004, 18:29

  5. Hey Steve. In case you were wondering where these random comments came from, I just ran some stats and it turns out yours is the 3rd most visited entry in the last 2 weeks :) Lots of Google referers.

    23 Nov 2004, 10:48

  6. Crystal

    i really like the song in the Citroen C4 ad however i cant seem to find the song on any of my music sharing programs. Is there somewhere i can find it without purchasing the whole album?

    13 Dec 2004, 00:05

  7. Jon Taylor

    I agree, best ad I've seen in years!
    A real classy advert!

    21 Dec 2004, 23:17

  8. Mikey

    It is Les Rythmes Digitales but the track is definitely Steps Ahead, not Jaques Your Body.

    04 Jan 2005, 23:36

  9. Fauxy

    Cheers Mikey

    05 Jan 2005, 21:12

  10. Russell

    Mikey, I'm afraid it IS Jaques Your Body. Track 9, Album: Darkdancer. Listening to it right now.

    10 Jan 2005, 15:15

  11. me@home

    thank you all extremely – excellent track.. excellent ad!!!

    14 Jan 2005, 23:07

  12. Brian McDaniel

    The dancing Citroen has moved like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Timberlake may provide the model, but I think it's Travolta's original moves.

    09 Feb 2005, 20:14

  13. Dave

    What are the words/translation to the c4 advert by LRD.Jacques your body?????

    26 Feb 2005, 17:51

  14. totty

    If anyone could possibly email the song to me, that would be amazing! Thank you!

    01 Mar 2005, 07:39

  15. stu

    ave got the song it mite be an other remix but its good tho, its called
    16th Avenue – Down Inside (Les Rhytmes Digitales Bootleg) (2005).mp3

    04 Mar 2005, 18:32

  16. jax

    if u wnt the song i can help

    07 Mar 2005, 21:31

  17. click here

    click on my name sign up and then go to lookup page i will transfer full song to u

    07 Mar 2005, 21:40

  18. Steven Carpenter


    08 Mar 2005, 12:55

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