May 02, 2007


I just started replaying Katamari Damancy. Still rocks.

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  1. John Waller

    Did you do the million roses thing at the end of the game? We got to 300,000 or so then lost the will to live.

    02 May 2007, 22:14

  2. Steven Carpenter

    Actually I never finished it, but now I have a shiny PS3 with only one game I’ve been sticking old PS2 games in instead, rediscovering the classics. What’s the million roses thing then?

    02 May 2007, 22:29

  3. John Waller

    The million roses level comes up when you’ve completed all the other levels and got all the cousins. As you collect the roses your Katamari doesn’t grow, so it takes ages. I think the only reward is a new tune and a new startup screen, so my motivation for actually collecting a million of the things is a little compromised.

    03 May 2007, 07:57

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