April 21, 2008

Flash 9 webcam support in Linux

This is a bit annoying – we’d planned to use a number of EEE PCs with our Flash-based media streaming applications for a new kiosk-based project, and after some spectacularly unsuccessful tests today with an EEE PC and a range of webcams (including the built-in one) it seems that the problem is with Flash itself – it only supports VideoForLinux (V4L) and not the current V4L Level 2. V4L was removed from the Linux kernel way back in 2006 so I was surprised to find that V4L L2 isn’t there in Flash Player 9.

Apart from the EEE PC, this also discounts an number of other potential devices like the N800/810 and we’ll have to look at Windows UMPCs instead (which is likely to severely impact the budget), or alternatively install Windows on the EEEs (which is a hassle).

I agree with Aral – there’s an explosion of ultra-mobile, Linux-based devices out there now with webcams that could be used to enable video and audio-based communications and blogging, but at the moment we can’t lever them in Flash, and that’s a shame.

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  1. John Dowdell

    Player 9 development was driven by then-current realities:

    Haven’t seen much detail about Player 10 yet (aside from some high-end features like Hydra), but Mike’s post shows how the prior decision was reached, if that’s of help.


    21 Apr 2008, 16:29

  2. Steven Carpenter

    Thanks John – I understand the reasoning; timing always seems to work against us on these things!

    21 Apr 2008, 16:43

  3. Caio Iglesias

    Some folks came up with a workaround for this: http://forum.eeeuser.com/viewtopic.php?pid=203137
    Good luck!

    08 May 2008, 09:17

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