April 12, 2009

Back to writing about Flex, AIR and Wowza

It’s been a busy few months since my last blog entry about anything related to Flex and AIR development. I blame a Twitter addiction, but there are still some things you can’t write about in 140chars and I do have a few development-related things to blog about, so expect some hopefully interesting entries over the coming weeks. Since November I’ve been working on two projects: an AIR-based media conversion client and a new chat application in Flex and Wowza Media Server. Some things I plan to write about: AIR file upload, more on using the local filesystem APIs in AIR, using Remote Shared Objects for communications, and lots of tips and tricks. I’ve also been playing with Gumbo, AFCS and PureMVC recently, so I hope to post some of my experiences with those as I go.

Anyway, good to be back. :)

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  1. daniel

    Nice, i’ll be looking forward, for your stuff.

    With our team we have the dilemma about going into MVC. It just feels weird to add so much stuff based on AS to get things going the MVC way, rather than keeping things as much simple and light as possible.

    Have you tried RED5 before digging into Wowza?


    13 Apr 2009, 01:52

  2. Steven Carpenter

    Hi Daniel,

    I was the same with MVC until I had to build a reasonable large app for the first time, then the ability to decouple views from commands from data makes a lot of sense – it’s much easier to make changes or add new functionality with MVC.

    Wowza – yes we did look at Red5 at the time (this was a couple of years ago now) but Wowza seemed more mature and fell into a cost/support sweet-spot. It’s proved versatile and useful and their support is second to none, so we’ve stuck with it. FMS still appeals, especially with the latest versions, but the Linux/Win-only thing puts us off.

    13 Apr 2009, 08:38

  3. Ali Raza

    Nice to hear that Steven

    Could you please write some lines about your media conversion project in AIR, what kind of libraries are being used in this project. Because i tried to search some articles and libraries which talk about media conversion, but vain (my mistake maybe)

    Thanks once again

    16 Apr 2009, 10:29

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