April 09, 2008

AIRTour London liveblog

Writing about web page http://onair.adobe.com/schedule/cities/london.php

Just some live notes from the AIRTour London event today…

Andrew Shorten
Adobe – ‘disruptive technologies’
RIA platforms – AMP, Buzzword Connect, all built on Flex/AIR
Why AIR? – occasionally-connected opportunities, efficient development, richer interfaces.
Branding on desktop – clever clothing store that can match clothes to an image dragged

Kevin Hoyt – Building AIR apps with Javascript
Showing mapping app using Yahoo Maps API
Export map view as PNG by dragging – encodes PNG on the fly, drag map straight to desktop
Using notepad app to write an AIR app
Starts with bare HTML page
Point to XML application descriptor file – template comes with SDK
changed to point to HTML file
Running AIR from Terminal to test app – runs directly
Dreamweaver demo – extension for AIR available
Writing tags like input id=”foo” type=”button” value=”save”
then writes JS script that handles event, using DOM to grab object, then runs as AIR app
AIRIntrospector – similar to Firebug
Maps AIR namespace to JS, allows AIR APIs to be called: var stream = new air.FileStream(); direct in HTML.
Now showing Aptana as IDE fr AIR/JS dev – Aptana now supports AIR
Sandboxed environment to prevent scripting hacks, adds some limitations

Mike Downey – Lighthouse programme – looking for key apps to extend reach of AIR (e.g. EBay desktop) *
Kevin Hoyt – Integrating HTML, JS and AS*
Mixing SWFs using SWFObject – then drags an image from Webkit into his Flash app window, makes a table from the BMP that contains each px colour value(!)
Uses FileStream to re-render px values as image in other application window
Basically levering the WebKit engine in AIR to mix HTML, JS and Flash in the same desktop window and all can communicate with each other.

Serge Jespers
Deploying and updating AIR applications
Self-signed applications report identity as ‘unknown’ on AIR installer, when known ico turns green
Uses any signing mechanism, Thawte etc.
Export Release Build, import certificate
Install badge on Labs
CheckForUpdate() script, parses application descriptor file for current version, compares, prompts user to upgrade

Daniel Dura – AIR APIs
Network detection, File I/0, Window chrome
Multi-window, z-ordering, utility windows (no taskbar entry), Native menus, Drag/Drop from various sources, clipboard, System Tray, notifications, Signing, Icons
..and much more!
Windowing control is very rich
File Sync/Async APIs
SQLLite included
Lots of code on Daniel’s site
Can drag a URL into browser, browser opens
Network/Socket Monitor API – URLMonitor(URLRequest);
Dock notifications

Bah, Macbook batteries don’t last long…

Jeremy Baines – from concept to TechCrunch in 5 days
Developed Alert Thingy – AIR-based social network aggregator with alerts etc, in-application commenting on peoples blogs, actually some very useful features and a good example of using AIR.

Developing Secure AIR Applications (Oliver Goldman)
Imported/loaded content executes with the Loader sandbox – does not run with application privileges by default
Sandbox bridges – opt-in on both sides, arguments are pass-by-value, allow communications between loaded content and application
Can expose function calls, but can’t pass objects
Document.write(), eval() are prohibited to protect sandbox
Suggests only loading signed content – XMLSignatureValidator API available
Implementing update functionality makes urgent updates easy should you find a bug – make updating work first

Gah, batteries really gone now…that’s all for today – excellent day, ice-cold Coke, beer, games, short sessions, direct contact with Engineering team.

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  1. An AIR Conference – cool, is that where delegates mime to funky presentations delivered by the gods of public speaking.

    10 Apr 2008, 09:23

  2. Steven Carpenter

    I take it you’re referring to my fantastic live video stream of the event using Media Manager yesterday? As you probably saw, you succeeded in making me laugh at a very serious moment. However, that aside, a live 320×240, 5sec-buffered stream from a Macbook via wi-fi was pleasingly performant :-)

    10 Apr 2008, 09:36

  3. Andrew Snaith

    Hi Steve,

    Just stumbled across this site by googling Adobe Air Coventry. Just wondering, do you know of any other dates in the UK for AIR conferences and stuff? I couldn’t make last week as I found out too late.



    16 Apr 2008, 12:53

  4. Steven Carpenter

    Hi Andy,

    I think this first leg of the European AIRTour was ending after the UK dates, then a second leg starts again in mainland Europe. I’m not aware of any other UK dates but what might be useful (if you don’t know of these already) is to join the London Flex Users Group or the Flex User Group UK which is based in the East-Midlands. Both are Adobe-affiliated and hold regular meetups/events.

    16 Apr 2008, 13:03

  5. Andrew Snaith

    thank you for the links Steve :-)

    26 Apr 2008, 13:59

  6. cindy

    I have attempted using the AIRIntrospector in Eclipse w/ the Flex plu-in, with a .mxml file using an mx:html tag referencing map.html. Inside map.html, I include the AIRIntrospector.js. I have this file copied into my main development directory for this application (under /src, etc). I keep getting the error:
    You need to include AIRIntrospector.js in your application sandbox.
    at file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/cindy%20bishop/My%20Documents/workspace/authoringTool-v2/bin-debug/web/AIRIntrospector.js : 1908

    am at wit’s end! can someone tell me why this isn’t within the application sandbox????!!!!

    10 Jun 2008, 17:00

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