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March 26, 2008

AIR Debug Player – closing orphan instances

Now and again I forget to properly close the debug player from within FlexBuilder, which in most cases is fine for a Flex app because it runs inside your browser instance, but if you do this with an AIR app it sometimes leaves an orphan instance running that you have to close manually, even if you close FlexBuilder – just look for any instances of ADL.EXE in your system process/task manager and close/kill it.

Hello MXNA!

See that little button over there on my sidebar? My blog is now included in the Adobe News Aggregator service, which is fantastic. I’ve been reading MXNA for years and it’s been my primary source of information on all things Flex, Flash and AIR. Hopefully now I’ll be able to actively contribute to a community that has provided me with insight and Actionscript skills over the years.



MXNA link



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