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May 13, 2007

Coed Llandegla ride report

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Chris on the boardwalkMe on a bermWheeee. Chris took me to Coed Llandegla today for a damp but exciting blast through the trails there. This was my first major outing for several months so I wasn’t sure whether my legs would keep up the pace over the required three hours, but as it turned out I was fine. The trails are excellent, with a lot of emphasis on jumping; North-Shore boardwalks, tabletops and fast rollers are everywhere, so there’s plenty of opportunity to get airborne.

Unfortunately for me, such opportunities were mostly wasted thanks to a pair of lost cycling shoes and the zero-grip combination of rain, Rowley XTs and Mallet C pedals. For the most part I was forced to adopt a ‘knees together’ stance in order to prevent myself flying off the bike at every jump, but I still had a heap of fun.

The weather started to close in towards the end, but we were spat out right by the trail centre and hot cups of hot chocolate and tea, plus bacon baps followed, before we headed home in the now very heavy rain. I really want to try the Stinky there, aware of course that what goes down, must also be ridden back up, but I have to try those tabletops on a bike with big travel.
Coed Llandegla boardwalkChris takes a berm


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