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July 06, 2006

Bike fleet repairs

Just spent a relatively fruitful evening spent fettling my bike fleet (currently two; unlike some people some of us have a degree of self–control). The Specialized no longer sits looking forlorn and dusty in the garage, thanks to a repaired inner tube and some new brakes, and despite a couple of annoyingly frayed cables is looking all shiny and ready to ride again. The Marin got a wash, lube and general tweak–up. A quick test run round the garden seemed to suggest that both bikes have gone back together ok and wouldn't fall to pieces. It also suggested that a couple of dirt–jumps either side of the apple tree would create a spiffing '2–pack' :–)

The bad news is I still haven't got hold of replacement split–pin for the rear disc on the Marin so it's still unusable; Halfords were no use at all and a couple of possibles from my Dad's drawer–of–car repair–miscellany were too big, so I might try and pop into Albany Cycles tomorrow to see if they have anything suitable. Mind you, this might be a good excuse to get a set of Monos…

Note to self: liberal application of Teflon lube over the new patio may result in an evening of stony silence from other members of the household. Next time do it in the kitchen :–D

Hybrid – Just for Today

Writing about web page

This early one–track preview of the forthcoming album "I Choose Noise" is now available as a free (registration required) 320Kbps MP3 from the Hybrid and Distinctive Records sites. Fans of Hybrid will be pleased to know that their mix of progressive breaks and electronica with a real live orchestra (in this case the Seattle Session Orchestra) is back, while the welcome return of Kirsty Hawkshaw adds something ethereal. It's reminiscent of Finished Symphony, uplifting yet hard–hitting, with precision production. The album is scheduled for release on 5th September.


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