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March 02, 2007

Sony: no Emotion

Gah – so now Sony expect us Europeans to swallow the delays, a £425 price tag and now, a reduced-spec (the PS2 Emotion Engine chip is being omitted from the European specification). Could they get this launch any more wrong?

The announcement about upscaling emulated PS2 games might soften the blow a bit, but I recall Sony posturing about the backwards-compatibility of PS3 some time ago and now there’s a deliberate vagueness about what will and won’t be supported. Rubbish. Not sure I can wait for the first PSOne/Slim PS2-style revision (the massive-shiny-bread-bin look isn’t my bag), but this settles it; I’m waiting until it gets cheaper, if Sony lasts that long. I’m afraid next-gen gaming is going to have to wait this time for me; I’m off to play Motoroader on my Wii…

..actually, that’s another moan, while I’m at it; 50Hz letterboxed Virtual Console games?? C’mon Nintendo, give us the real deal. At least the PCE games are proper NTSC and true to the originals; using a Wiimote has done bugger all for my ability to get past that bloody boss on Level 4 of Super Star Soldier without losing all my powerups. Grrr…

I enjoy all this really :-D


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