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October 19, 2004


Follow-up to Ahh go on then from AV Steve's blog

Ok so I have already had to edit my original blog so that people can at least read the words, next step is to correct the grammer so that you can understand the rest of the sentence.

I am beginning to like the idea of these blogs the only problem being that there is no spell check and since I am Dyslexic (thank you MS Word for that spelling) it's kinda embarrasing typing a page full of words that are spelt incorrectly. I suppose I could use a dictionary but we don't seem to have to many of the lying around ITS for some strange reason.

Ahh go on then

Well I feel that at least someone from my group should type sh*te, after all we have our own department in the BlogDirectory, although that does seem a little odd as we are in theory! ITS, the only conclussion that I can come to is that there maybe one last AV code still alive, however I won't hold my breath in the bid that Jim will type a blog lol. (after saying all that I wonder where this blog will end up anyway)

Moving on…

Week 4 already isn't it great, although, if it's week4 it means that xmas vacation is only 6 weeks away, and if xmas vacation is only 6 weeks away it means xmas itself is just over 9 weeks away, dear god no! however one bonus I suppose will be the Hospitality Xmas party which is always a laugh, well, always very boozey anyway.

After spending the weekend "playing referee" as an old friend used to call it (old as in past not as in age, just in case anyone that reads this (if anyone reads this) should be in touch with her) it has dawned on me just how bloody cold it is getting now and that last night when I finished work at 7pm how dark it is plus the clocks still have to go back. An extra hour in bed though :) woohoo

Well i've started blogging at least so I won't keep typing today. I think it is only fair that I waste a small amount of peoples lives instead of making them read my rubbish for hours, however I will now make it my daily task to update these blogs even if it is just correcting the spelling mistakes.

Just realised another month and i've been here for 6years :o , I was 16 when I started here how old does that make some of you feel esp' you Chris oh and you Margaret lol

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