February 17, 2005

Time for new glasses!!

I have come to the conclussion that maybe the use of glasses again (since i’m supposed to be wearing them) may help the headaches and sore eyes.

Although I doubt that that is the full extent of the problem I think that it’s certainly a large part of it.

The reason I have no glasses at the moment is a simple one, I keep braking them beyond repair. Since being told I had to wear glasses about 4 years ago I have worn them in total for about 18 months, the rest of the time broken!

The problem with glasses is there soo ruddy expensive. After everything they cost about £150 well with me working for AV thats a lot of money :P so i keep putting buying a new pair off til next month and then the month after and so on.

Anyway 7 days to payday maybe i’ll be able to get some then, hope so, wanna be able to focus again without getting a head ache.

December 29, 2004



PS I'm also quite cold. As heater is cr*p.

November 01, 2004

I'm slowly losing touch with reality!

Haven't been arsed to write anything for a bit so i thought i'd try and fill in the past 10 days or so.

The Sims (PS2)

With the help of a friend I am losing my mind, "You should get The Sims, it's wicked" hense since finishing work at 4pm on Friday I have spent 30hrs playing the damn thing, oh and this is in between refereeing 3 football matches which although it doesn't sound too bad i don't drive so i'm having to get two busses to most of my games.

I keep thinking that the time in the game is the correct time in real life and that I should go to bed because it's 4am, and then I keep thinking that i'm more clever then I really am because I have 10 logic points and 10 creative points, it's very depressing when I realise it's only a game lol. Who needs friends I can make loads if I throw a party. Doh!!

I watched Groundhog Day earlier and was thinking that that would be really cool because you can do loads of stuff and it would be the same day every day until you've completed whatever it was that I needed to do to actually get to tomorrow. I could diet and then freak all my firends out when I was 11stone overnight. I could learn how to drive and become a Rally Driver, I could learn how to produce a better equivilant to Novell (Ah wouldn't life be perfect) and then of coarse I remember that I NEED MORE SLEEP and maybe a holiday.

As the good old Queen classic goes "I'm going slightly mad…"

Oh and just to fill in regarding my last blog I finished the bloody newsletters got them printed and then spent another 2.5hrs stickin the bast*rd things in envolopes.

October 21, 2004

Not again!

Ok so i've already talked quite a bit about my refereeing background, well the new problem that I have just realised, is that I haven't done a bloody thing for this months Newsletter (yes there is such a thing and no it's not cr*p, it used to be quite good actually, until I was given it to look after) well this should in theory be the third edition of the season, I say "should" because I forgot all about the first one. So once again it has come to the time of the month when I have to go to the Management Committie meeting and say "yes it's all ready and i'll be getting it printed on Saturday and it'll be posted out on Sunday" only problem being of cause that i've once again forgotten about the damn thing. looks like a busy 24hrs in order to try and get a 12 page referees magazine ready for printing on Saturday. Why did I say i'd do it I must have been MAAAADDDDDD, well if I wasn't I certainly am now.

October 20, 2004

Carry on!

Follow-up to Should be intresting! from AV Steve's blog

Never mind the game's been cancelled now anyway, bugger. Waterlogged pitch

Should be intresting!

After my moan yesterday about how cold and dark it is getting now, I have to grumble about the rain (well it'ld be unfair on Cold and Dark if I didn't). Upon reading yesterdays Boar I now have the feeling that todays Mens Football matches up Cryfield will be fun with the fact that they should deffinatly be up for it and that the pitches will be soaked (good sliding tackle weather) OH! sorry the reason for my concern is that I am the referee today. Another thing that worried me was that "John" (as the Boar reported) or Bob as his real name is (if the Boar can't even get his name right what hope have we got for anything else in the paper) NEVER gives out cards so how bloody bad was this "brawl". Oh well that was then this is now I suppose, we'll just have to wait and see how it goes, should be fun though.

Talking about refereeing discovered something new last week, apparently turning to an opponant and shouting in there face "You fat f*%ing pr*k" is not Foul, Offensive, Abusive or Insulting, it's amazing how little I know about the english language. The player was sent off, the reason being that he was trying to start a fight with the player for the previous 10minutes and had already been warned about his language as the game was being played 50yards from a cemitary. The amusing thing was though, after the game the 18yr old lads father came upto me "Ref, why did you send him off" "He shouted in an opponants face "You fat f*%ing pr*k" "He did not referee, he did not swear he said "You fat pr*^k" *WHAT!!! * , so anyway you learn something new everyday, saying that though for some reason TheFA seemed to agree with me and gave the player a 21day suspension oh and an additional 28days for his comments after the game, which I suppose he wasn't swearing then either, I would type what he said but i'd suspect my account will be suspended quicker then the drink prices around campus go up.

October 19, 2004


Follow-up to Ahh go on then from AV Steve's blog

Ok so I have already had to edit my original blog so that people can at least read the words, next step is to correct the grammer so that you can understand the rest of the sentence.

I am beginning to like the idea of these blogs the only problem being that there is no spell check and since I am Dyslexic (thank you MS Word for that spelling) it's kinda embarrasing typing a page full of words that are spelt incorrectly. I suppose I could use a dictionary but we don't seem to have to many of the lying around ITS for some strange reason.

Ahh go on then

Well I feel that at least someone from my group should type sh*te, after all we have our own department in the BlogDirectory, although that does seem a little odd as we are in theory! ITS, the only conclussion that I can come to is that there maybe one last AV code still alive, however I won't hold my breath in the bid that Jim will type a blog lol. (after saying all that I wonder where this blog will end up anyway)

Moving on…

Week 4 already isn't it great, although, if it's week4 it means that xmas vacation is only 6 weeks away, and if xmas vacation is only 6 weeks away it means xmas itself is just over 9 weeks away, dear god no! however one bonus I suppose will be the Hospitality Xmas party which is always a laugh, well, always very boozey anyway.

After spending the weekend "playing referee" as an old friend used to call it (old as in past not as in age, just in case anyone that reads this (if anyone reads this) should be in touch with her) it has dawned on me just how bloody cold it is getting now and that last night when I finished work at 7pm how dark it is plus the clocks still have to go back. An extra hour in bed though :) woohoo

Well i've started blogging at least so I won't keep typing today. I think it is only fair that I waste a small amount of peoples lives instead of making them read my rubbish for hours, however I will now make it my daily task to update these blogs even if it is just correcting the spelling mistakes.

Just realised another month and i've been here for 6years :o , I was 16 when I started here how old does that make some of you feel esp' you Chris oh and you Margaret lol

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