November 04, 2004

The madness of food

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I was reading the nutritional content of a carton of apple juice the other day & I realised that to consume the whole carton (1 litre) would cost me almost 500 calories! 500 calories! That's 1/4 of my daily recommended daily allowance! How am I ever supposed to consume my 5 portions of fruit/veg a day if it's gonna cost me that much! I mean where will I be able to fit in the nicer tasting more calorific food stuffs that make eating worth while? I mean who really wants to eat stuff like lettuce? It's 96% water & guess what… tastes like it too! Same with celery! I don't pretend to be the healthiest person ever, actually my house mates will tell you that I'm incredibley unhealthy, but I do like to try & look after myself. But then when they make it so hard for you why bother? I'm only allowed to eat 200 calories a day as a adult female & only allowed 70g of fat. Amongst that I need to consume 5 portions of fruit a day & 8 glasses of water! If I concentrated on getting that down my throat every day I wouldn't have time to think about anything else in my day. I realise that I'm starting to sound like a neurotic, food obsessed woman so I think now would be a good time to stop my rant. Instead I would liek to dedicate this blog to the jiggly butt & say screw ideal food intake. I'll eat what I want & if that makes me a fat bloater at least I'll be happy & enjoying what I eat!

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  1. Apparantly it uses more energy to eat celery than you get back from eating it.

    04 Nov 2004, 18:39

  2. It's not a matter of "them" making it so difficult. Scientists do research and deduce these recommendations from their research which the government pass on to you. You wouldn't drink a whole litre of apple juice to meet the quantity required for the "five-a-day" anyway.250ml would be sufficient. Lettuce is fine even with its high water content because you're getting vitamins from it.

    Eating five-a-day and 2000 calories is perfectly managable. If you want to eat more than this, simply exercise more. It's all about applying self-control.

    As you are educated, there is no excuse for you to become a "fat bloater". I doubt you would be happy anyway, especially 30 years from now suffering from heart disease and in desperate need of a hip replacement operation.

    04 Nov 2004, 19:10

  3. Chris May

    Go for a run, then have something nice to eat. 40 minutes of jogging should see you through 500 calories or so, which is enough for a nice big pie, a plate of chips, or a medium-sized bar of chocolate. After which you'll feel great, because (a) you've been for a run and are therefore all virtuous, and (b) you've just eaten a great big pie

    Works for me, anyway :-)

    04 Nov 2004, 20:27

  4. chris? you're right.
    and steph? if you reeeally wanna get healthy, jus pop down the market every nowan then, I take home about six-seven lbs of fruit every two weeks for the measly price of….wait for it!! …..................(drum roll).............£2.50. you can gorge down all the aples you want like this. and u know what else? I'm guessing chewing the fruit will burn up a lil more than jus swallonig the juice. after the walk to the market and all that exhausting chewing, can do what chris says. you'll be feeling all virtuous and can then reward yourself with a subway. ( apperently has only 1/3 of the fat in a big mac).

    so there. your very own jump start to a healthy fun lovin lifestyle.

    05 Nov 2004, 10:59

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