April 11, 2005

Exam Timetable…...WHAT IS IT? Does anybody know who stole it?

Please tell me if I am exaggerating but I am FURIOUS with the fact that the Exam timetable has not yet been released.
Some would argue that a good student does not need the exam dates to plan or begin studying but still. WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG ???????????

Don't WE final years have the right to know when to book our tickets to freedom? Even some crappy unis have released their timetable loooooooooong ago but no…..warwick students do NOT deserve to know in advance.

As you can see (erm….read) I AM FURIOUS

December 10, 2004

Going back home…..

This is the first time during the 3 years I've been here, that I decided to stay on campus after the end of the term…I usually fly back home on the last day of the term or on the next day the latest!
This time, I decided to stay here for 10 days, relax, enjoy the campus without the anxiety of having to go to lectures everyday, and most of all finish an assignment due on the first day of next term, to avoid paying overweight! Everytime, I take loads of books and notes with me, and I end up paying extreme amounts on overweight (because apparently nobody recognizes the fact that students need to study….)and eventually not doing anything…You all know how this works. You go back determined to study, and then your friends come over, your dog is barking all day, your mom wants you to help her, all the family wants to see you e.t.c. So, no time to study.

Well, the thing is that, apparently the 10 days are not enough, especially after a busy term. I have been trying to sit down and do that da… assignment for 6 days now, and I always find something better to do. It seems that after the term is finished, you relax so much that you can't even think! I should get a medal for procrastination….
And the problem is that I am flying back home next Wednesday and I still haven't even started. And as if this isn't enough, my computer crashed for the 1000000th time and I had to format it. With 20GB of mp3s and movies, I spent almost 5 hours making back-up and another 3 trying to set my computer up! But, now that I am all set, I should better stop writing blog entries and start writing at some point because I took a vow NOT to take any books with me this time…


October 09, 2004

The DaVinci MANIA!

Not rated

Well, I am sure that all of you have heared of the latest "aristourgima" (greek word for a great piece of art , literature e.t.c) of Dan Brown.
I bought the book last May (when nobody knew it back then) and was amazed to see that within a few months almost everyone had read it.

The story was very well writen and very well set. It is apparent (to me at least) that the author did a very good research prior to writing the book. I loved its 'mystic' atmosphere of the book and the fact that it kept me awake for almost 4 nights!

A book highly commendable to all those who can 'accept' that there may be other explanations for our origin, than those offered by conventional stories (e.g. our parents, the Church and so on).

For those who would like to take it a step further and try to act "Langdon" themselves, there is a great site given by the author, with loads of codes to solve. http://www.randomhouse.com/doubleday/davinci/

Also, towards the end of 2005, the film "The DaVinci Code" will be out! More information can be obtained from www.imdb.com.

Finally, for those who liked Dan Brown's style, "Angels and Demons" is also a nice book, not as good as DaVinci, though.

The Bourne Supremacy Soundtrack

Not rated

A few days before coming back to the UK, I watched the "Bourne Supremacy", sequel of "Bourne Identity". Overall, it was a rather mediocre adventure. Given that I watched the film from the first row (needless to say I was feeling dizzy all day!) and I had a guy next to me making all sorts of silly comments, I was considering to leave in the middle of the show. What kept me watching, however, was the music. John Powell really did it this time.

So, a few days later, I went to the local store and bought a copy of the OST. Well, the only thing I can say is that listening to the music made me re-live the adventure of the film (however mediocre!).

A good mixture of different types of music. I would highly recommend it to all good appreciators of music!

October 08, 2004

Bush's White House Tour

_A friend of mine just sent this to me and I found it really funny.

Before the inauguration, George W. was invited to a 'get acquainted' tour
of the White House.

After drinking several glasses of iced tea, he asked President Clinton if
he could use his personal bathroom. He was astonished to see that the
President had a solid gold urinal!

That afternoon, George W. told his wife, Laura, about the urinal. "Just
think," he said, "when I am President, I'll have my own personal gold

Later! , when Laura had lunch with Hillary at her tour of the White House,
she told Hillary how impressed George had been with his discovery of the
fact that, in the President's private bathroom, the President had a gold

That evening, Bill and Hillary were getting ready for bed. Hillary turned
to Bill and said, "Well, I found out who peed in your saxophone.

Decongestants….to make you feel better or worse?

A couple of days ago I realised that I was going to get the flu…Aside from the fact that I was furious since I've been REALLY careful, I also realized that I had forgotten to bring with me the only medicine that makes me feel better when I have a blocked nose. It is called Dexa-Rhina Spray and apparently we only have it in Greece.
Anyway, after a long night when I hadn't been able to sleep AT ALL, I requested a very good friend of mine to go to the Pharmacy and bring me the strongest decongestant she could find. I asked her to talk to the Pharmacist and explain the situation. She did her best! I have no doubt about it! Half an hour later, she came back with a decongestant . I took one of them and it really made me feel better…About 4 hours later, before going to bed, I took another one in order to have a good night's sleep as the next day I had a really important class. Well, 4 of the longest hours of my life later, I realised that one of the side-effects of this medicine was insomnia! Not only wasn't I able to sleep at all (until 6am!) but my pulse was that fast that I felt like my heart would just jump out of my body and start dancing samba!

So, I wonder, what went wrong? Should I risk not sleeping by not taking any decongestant or should I risk not sleeping but actually taking a decongestant? Although I read the 'manual' before taking the medicine, I didn't think I would be one of the cases when the side-effects actually happen.

What I would like to make clear is that this is NO FAULT of my friend. I don't know whether it is really somebody's fault or it was a really unfortunate event. However, the result is the same. I missed my class the other day and I had to work twice as hard during the weekend to catch up.

So, my advise ? DON'T GET THE FLU! Take loads of vitamins and eat healthily, don't smoke (yes…I am a bad girl..I smoke)and don't trust decongestants!

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