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Who said it is easy to talk about yourself???

Ok…Where do I start…?!

I am a final year undergrad at WBS, studying Management Sciences. I am not 100% sure I am enjoying my course but I am sure I will be able to see the benefits of it in the future. You know, the truth is that Management isn’t nor has it ever been my cup of tea. I want to be a Film Composer…Write music for film and television.
Music is and has always been (since I remember myself breathing….)my oxygen. However, I decided that I want to be a pro a few months after coming to Warwick. Well, I couldn’t just throw away all my efforts to get into Warwick (and of course all the money my family had spent!) and change direction. Also, no one can guarantee that music can bring food in the table and pay the rent! So, I decided to finish my degree and then ‘follow my heart’ (oh my God, what a cliche!..) to wherever music takes me.

Looking back to my previous two years in Warwick, I can’t say it hasn’t been hard to study something you don’t like very much and not having time to dedicate yourself to something you really love. Like if this isn’t enough, I am sort of a perfectionist and I can’t stand just getting a degree….I want to do really well. I think that this is even harder.

So, here I am in my 3rd and final (!!!!!) year at Warwick, trying to sit down and study hard for the last time….

Who said that following your dreams is easy????