November 18, 2010


Follow-up to Minutes of first SSLC Meeting from SSLC of PG in ELT

As a follow-up to the issue of committee roles, we decided that Vasiliki Venekti would be assigned the role of the Secretary of the SSLC and Maria Xystra the role of the Chair.

Minutes of first SSLC Meeting

Centre for Applied Linguistics

SSLC meeting for MA programmes


Date: November 9th 2010                  Time: 10.00                            Venue: S285


Russell Stannard and Sue Wharton (staff members)

Rekiyat Siyaka, Vasiliki Venekti, Maria Xystra, Ni Zhang (student members)

1. Welcome and introductions

As academic convenor, Sue introduced the purpose of the SSLC. We confirmed that student members had been able to access training or to find information via the SSLC website.

2. Mechanisms for communication with student group.

Student members explained that they had established mechanisms for communication with the wider student group, e.g. email, blog, suggestion box.

3. Issues from the student group.

The following issues were brought forward for discussion:

3.1 Students would appreciate more opportunities for help with academic writing. We noted that an additional class has just been offered. ACTION: Committee to monitor whether this additional class is sufficient to cater for all students who would like help.

3.2  A request was made for a Careers Advice visit. ACTION: Committee to invite a careers advisor to visit a future SSLC meeting with a view to arranging a visit for the whole student group.

3.3  Students pointed out that there are problems with screen visibility in room L2. ACTION: staff members to pass this on to colleague responsible for timetabling, hopefully with a view to not using this room for large groups in term 2.

3.4      Students noted that lectures have sometimes started before the scheduled time of 5 past the hour, and continued past the scheduled time of 5 to the hour. This has meant that some students have missed beginnings of lectures. ACTION: staff members to ask colleagues to stick to scheduled times.

3.5      Students asked whether the timetable for term 2 could now be publicised. ACTION: staff members to enquire about whether it has been finalised and can now be circulated.

3.6      Students reported a general feeling that the group would like one day in the week to be completely free from classes. Staff members commented that timetabling needs to be done a long time in advance and that changes for this academic year may not be possible. ACTION: Staff members to raise this issue at the next MA meeting.

3.7      There was discussion about the sequence and integration of pedagogic modules and language analysis modules in the MA programmes. Some members felt that it would be beneficial to spread language analysis modules over terms 1 and 2, and to move some pedagogic modules from term 2 back to term 1. ACTION: Staff members to raise this for discussion at the next MA meeting.

4.        Decisions about committee roles

We discussed the need for student members to decide who would take on roles of Chair and Secretary. Student members planned to discuss this among themselves and let staff members know the decision.

5.        Date of next meeting

To be arranged.

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