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December 18, 2005

Shameful truth – revisited

So I got myself some Take That tickets for the Cardiff show, ought to be fun: of course the company is exquisite ;)

I have had many many things to blog about in the past few weeks, but have to keep either resisting the urge (on the basis of having too much work to do to make it a guilt-free activity) or think "shit, but I still don't have the internet at my house". The latter can be ranted about another time, but think about how pissed off you would be if you applied to get broadband on 18th August and still don't have the modem to go with it.

So once again, I should be doing work at home, but the mere act has become so depressing that I'm resisting. Even though I know that more work now will mean efficient sleep later.

More generally speaking,I'm feeling torn these days.

There's the half of me that wants to go out, have fun, never sleep and behave like a schoolgirl at work. Then there's the half that would be much happier living on my own (though to be fair, I more or less do at the moment anyway), coming home at the same time every day to cook real food (as opposed to the constant snacking of present times), sleeping decent hours, having a good read before bed every night and spending all day Sunday drinking tea and reading the papers.

Thing is, I suppose everyone has the same sort of internal conundrum, if not about the same issues. You always want the lifestyle you haven't got at that very moment in time: the-grass-is-always-greener syndrome. But heck, that's life.

London is very very very slowly becoming less darkly mysterious and more brightly friendly, in small, indiscernible ways. This can only be a good thing.

And now, back to research for work…on a Sunday.

September 14, 2005


OK, I found out what had happened. Apparently it somehow replaced my Arctic Monkeys entry, which was lovingly written and which I don't have a copy of anywhere else :( There's another thing to (re)write…

June 20, 2005

A red rag to a bull

Right, this has been bugging me for ages (well, as long as the new Vanish Oxiclean advert has been on telly).

I have gotten bored of searching Google, because lots of people use "red rag to a bull" as a turn of phrase.

However, I'm pretty sure that bulls only see in black and white and that if you held up any colour sheet and waved it about that it would get aggravated. The red is just for effect.

In which case, the Oxiclean advert is all wrong, because it would still be agitated by a white sheet being waved at it and the red spilt on the trousers would make no odds.

June 02, 2005

Rant of the week

Writing about web page

I was happily doing my work, then heard on the radio news about the above story.

I can simply say: what the fuck?!

Seriously, what the hell is going on. Can noone do ANYTHING without treading on toes these days. Surely to call something "hideously white" is racist in itself.

I sometimes think that people try to create a ruck just to prove a point and not just in this particular case. There are countless incidents, like companies having a target of how many people they want to recruit that are from certain ethnic minorities, probably to the extent of not taking on white people who are clearly more experienced/better at the job to prevent themselves being accused of being racist.

Maybe I'm idealistic but I like to work with the theory that if you've worked hard enough and you're good at what you do, stop seeing yourself and others as a colour. It won't get anyone anywhere.

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