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December 31, 2004

Gaffer tape

Someone needs to gaffer tape me to the wall (i've seen it done, I can be easily suspended without any structural damage) so that I can stop saying and doing idiotic things. I must reiterate again what a w***r I turn into without living, breathing, poke-able people for company. Msn is all very well, but it'll never be quite the same.

Moan moan moan, I can't wait to be a happy, less idiotic person again, only three days to go! Woo.

December 30, 2004

Bullring: Like a boxing ring…

…in the sense that the sales will make you want to club people round the face. (Gloves not required)

So today, I braved the madness that is the 'winter' (surely can't really call them January anymore) sales. Only mad because the entire Midlands flocks to the Bullring and apparently, NO ONE HAS A JOB. and if they do, they've taken a week off to spend all their hard earned money. The Bullring was swarming with greedy shoppers, all after that essential once in a lifetime bargain, and willing to KILL to get it.

I met my friend Siobhan by the infamous brass bull. I was waiting around for her a bit, and whilst waiting saw a passing lecturer of mine, and also a guy that used to be on the telly on that BBC programme about getting the nation fitter…can't remember the name of either the person or the name. Also there was a whole host of people swarming around the "get your free can of diet coke here" stand.

As expected, there wasn't much stuff left that I liked and that also would fit me, and also I didn't have much energy to look, too many people. Whilst I don't like being alone, I don't like tooooo many people either. It was really quite crazy. I did manage to have a good time with Siobhan though, as I've not seen her in ages (weird St Andrews term dates) and also I did manage to come away with a hat and a posh dress that will never fit me if I ever put on so much as an ounce, but fits lovely as it is. Siobhan then went home, and I COULD'VE shopped for another two hours, but so wasn't in the mood.

On the train back, sat opposite two teenagers that I wanted to clobber'n'all. I HATE litterbugs. They were eating Love Hearts and chucking the bits of paper all over the place, then finished a bottle of Diet Coke and casually tossed it on the floor. GRRRR, made me so mad, turned my iPod up super loud and simmered in silence.

There were some CDs I wanted also, but none of them were in the sale and couldn't bring myself to part with quite that much money when I knew I could get em cheaper elsewhere. Would quite like to be having a listen to them now though.

My Anti-Bullying wristband arrived today. How glad am I that although Small did indeed mean chiddler-sized, I have tiny wrists and not too massive hands, so it fits just right.

Ahh can't wait till tomorrow. I get to go outdoors again, and meet people and everything! When I was born, I think the instructions in my box omitted to mention "under no circumstances should be kept without a companion, siblings compulsory". At least then I'd have someone to talk to, or at the very least squabble with.

Burnt Toes

Putting your feet in a bath to check the temperature. Don't do it kids! Oh the pain.

December 28, 2004

Crazy dream

Oh yes, also, I have been having incredibly realistic and surreal dreams of late. Last night was no exception.

For some incredibly bizzare reason, it featured Abi Harding, of Zutons fame, and her three sisters (does she even have three in real life?! who knows).

I don't remember all of it completely, but bits I remember: I walked up to her house, which was kind of a cross between a house and a trailer, and also had a tourbus (well, more of a van really) parked out the front. I knocked on the door and her dad answered. I asked to speak to her and she came to the door and I reminded her of who I was, and for some reason she thought I was a sales person (I was wearing all white, no idea why) and tried to ignore me and so I spoke a bit quicker and reminded her again and she remembered who I was. So we went for a wander and came across her three sisters, with whom we went shopping, and then to the cinema. Don't know which film we saw, but there were annoying little kids in the audience. Then, I'm not sure how we got there, but all of a sudden we were in a cable car going down the side of a mountain, just chatting.

That's all I remember, but it seemed to last ages and ages, but yes, my subconscious has also apparently gone a bit mad.

December 24, 2004

A–Ha Shake Heartbreak

Just one of the album covers that appears in the Xfm Christmas quiz of album cover delights. It took me 5 days to get enough to enter the competition, though I didn't care about the competition to be fair, I just saw it as a personal challenge. I managed in the end, though I had to have clues and hints and all sorts and there are still some that I haven't got that are really bugging me because they look so familiar.

Anyway, the album itself. I listened to it a couple of times before popping off to France and London etc, but didn't really get into it, yet since I've been back, it seems to have consumed me.

It's quite a combination! There's some country twangs there, there's also some good old fashioned rock and some songs, such as Milk, are really soulful and quite heart-wrenching.

The lyrics also are very intriguing. But it's more the feel of the songs and the good mixture of not-too-depressingness and soulfulness and rock etc that has ensnared me. I think I prefer it to Youth and Young Manhood, but then again it's got a very different feel so it's hard to compare them.

One day, probably when I have no job and have got to the stage where I just can't be arsed to look for one, I'd split all my music into mood…this may lead to me never ever ever getting a job, because there's such overlap that you never can do that to allllll your music. You can just make smaller compilations.

So, changing tack a little, it's Christmas! Woooooooooo. I am trying to up my Christmas spirit levels (see what I did there) as my parents have sucked out all the Christmas spirit. I pointed out to my mum the other that seeing as she has brought me up celebrating Christmas, she's going to have to deal with the consequences! I have a funny feeling that this is the last year Christmas proper will happen though, so I think I shall set about finding someone else's to gatecrash next year.

I'll be interested to see what my Christmas presents are, seeing as my mum said she's bought me four things (BEFORE I gave her the list she'd asked me to make). She decided to have a nose at my list anyway though, and informed me that none of the things she'd got were on there. She says it's my fault for making the list too late, but I had told her a few of the things during the week as well.

Ah well, now I have a wages target list. Can decide where my wages will go every week! I was tempted to find another job for next term, but realistically, nowhere else will keep me so well fed so it would be counterproductive.

Holy Roller Novocaine.

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