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November 17, 2005

Arctic Monkeys – next single

Really pleased that Arctic Monkeys are releasing When the Sun Goes Down on 16th January. Formerly called Scummy Man, then Scummy, and possible Red Lights, I do wish they would've released Mardy Bum instead. There's a nice long entry of what I think of this song in particular, to be found here

However, Scummy is indeed a good song and quite blunt in its intent, although Mardy Bum is undoubtedly my favourite single by them (There's several close up behind it in the favourite stakes, mind).

Make sure you buy When The Sun Goes Down when it's out!

November 16, 2005

The Kooks' album, and other short stories


I have it in my possession. Actually I've had it since yesterday (after it was mastered on Monday, yes I am excited) but only got to listen to it today and was grinning away happily that a LOT of people in the office liked it. Yay! It made me happy.

I will have some more listens and let you know what I think, but the new single, You Don't Love Me is ace.

I didn't listen to it last night, because I was watching The Pipettes at the 100 Club. I will confess that I really didn't think I'd like them, but actually they were really really really good. 3 girls in nearly matching outfits with a band behind them, sort of 60's throwback style with matching mini dance routines. They're sort of like 3 mini Audrey Hepburns. They're worth a listen and if you're a red blooded male, you'll probably like them that bit more. There're various reviews bandying about the place if you have a look.

In other news, I don't understand how, after many many many hours of sleeping in India, I'm tired!

I can almost guarantee that the small toddler (who another passenger referred to as "well behaved") sitting behind me on the flight, kicking me awake everytime I fell asleep, really didn't help. Also since then I haven't been sleeping enough hours every night, which also isn't helping, but when I only get back from gigs after my bedtime, what to do?

I have also been discovering the perils of not having central heating on my floor in my house. In real terms this means that while the house itself is nice and toasty when I return from work, my actual room is F***G FREEZING and the mini plug-in radiator takes 5 hours of being on its highest setting to actually make my room a decent temperature, by which time I've long got into bed and it's only just warm enough when I get up in the morning. This wouldn't be the main issue of bother with my living arrangements, if it wasn't that I rarely see one housemate, and have seen another one ONCE since the end of July. Yes. ONCE….I'm thinking it's nearly time to move!

I will write more interesting things when times are more interesting. As it is, things aren't that exciting.

Happier by the day…

…that I have never had the misfortune of attending a James Blunt Concert. As his press release says: "...and one of his concert highlights, a cover of The Pixies – Where Is My Mind…"


In other news, my Kaiser Chiefs review is up

"There's a bizarre array of people around me: trendy young 'uns; even younger young 'uns, clamouring to get to the front so that they can actually see; suited and booted city types and casually dressed, grey-haired couples.

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