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October 31, 2005

Owww stop biting me!!

Yep I have a spectacular number of mosquito bites from my first day in Delhi. I don't know why they found me so damn tasty, but my face is looking highly 'attractive' decorated as it is with approximately 20 red lumps, one sitting pleasingly on the end of my nose. Second in the running for "most annoying place to bite me, you stupid mosquito" is the one on my lower lip…I'd say third is EITHER the one on my eyebrow, or I might give a triple award to the diagonal line of three on my left cheek. Oh yeah (say it in Quagmire style), damn sexy I am.

Not that many of you were particularly bothered but I got into New Delhi several hours after the bomb blasts and my family were all out of the way of the places hit, so all is good. It did make getting round Delhi a bit more difficult though.

I'm now in a place in Bihar called Bhagalpur, desperately trying to hide from the bugs (though they're not as all consuming as they were in Patna) of various kinds and writing up my gig review. Sleeping til 3pm on Sunday (having slept practically the whole 8 hour journey on the plane) meant I couldn't get to the internetty because then I had to get on my internal flight to Patna…where I've abandoned my favourite jacket in an overhead compartment. I didn't notice I was missing it because it was so damn warm outside.

Right, there'll definitely be no internet in the village I'm off to, or even any electricty, so see ya in a couple of weeks!

October 17, 2005

The wheels on the bus go round and round

I don't know why, they just do.

It's true, I don't get time to blog anymore, though this is largely due to a lack of in-house internet than anything else.

I'm reading the Observer Music Monthly over lunch and am amused by the juxtaposition of Robbie Williams and Pete Doherty, drawn together by the Editor's letter.

"...both are extraordinary performers, witha taste for the vintage sounds of the Clash, and both are really very modern characters. Neither has ever shrunk from confrontation with the media maelstroms that they have faced – both know that at some level, you need sincerity, as well as a little luck. Certainly, both their stories make for gripping journalism."

I don't dispute the last statement, but I'll have to read on to see whether I agree that Pete Doherty and Robbie Williams are opposite, yet equal. If anyone wants to photoshop their faces together for comedy effect, please do!

Aside from that things are all go. I can't wait to go to India and have a bit of break of sleeping and generally laziness. The whole office are really busy working on the January issue, it's being a bit of a pain in the bum! We're also due to start on February.

For my part, I've been manically helping with the planning of the Sugar/Rimmel model roadshow. The first show was on Saturday in Basingstoke and was knackering for all involved! All the bands and the models were lovely, as was Jeff Brazier, our compere for all the shows. In fact Jeff was SO lovely that he spent a good two hours after the end of the show, signing autographs until everyone who wanted one had had one.

Check out the sugarmagazine website to see which bands are on at which show. You'll all be out of the 13–17 age limit, but you never know, you might have smaller siblings…

October 04, 2005

Shout Out Louds

Follow-up to Noo revoo – Shout Out Louds: Howl Howl Gaff Gaff from Hub of Creativity...

Now I can be smug at the two people that agree with something I didn't want to put in the review. They won't overtake The Arcade Fire as the most talked about band! No No No No No

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