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August 31, 2005

Reading: the long weekend that was

SO, what with my hectic job and no internet at home, as with Rock Werchter, I'm going to be hard pressed to actually review anything but if anyone cares, this is what I saw…I like how even my mini laminated guide reeks of noxious gases, that is to say, nasty thick smoke…


Main stage
Do Me Bad Things
Graham Coxon
The Coral
Queens of the Stone Age
The Killers

NME/Radio 1 stage
The Dead 60s
Death From Above 1979
The Subways

The Carling stage
We Are Scientists

Things I wanted to see that day and missed: Puscha, The Blood Arm, Saul Williams, Charlotte Hatherley, DJ Format, Audiobullys, The Black Velvets, The Cooper Temple Clause, BRMC, Kasabian, Elbow, Dropkick Murphys


Main stage
The Charlatans
Kings of Leon
Foo Fighters

NME/Radio 1 stage
The Cribs
Nine Black Alps
Hot Hot Heat
Arcade Fire

Carling Stage
Mystery Jets
Arctic Monkeys

Things I wanted to see but missed: Clor, 747s, Yeti, Be Your Own Pet, Caesars, The Raveonettes, The Go Team, The Explosion, Rise Against, Louie, Juliette and the Licks, Babyshambles, Biffy Clyro, Razorlight


Main stage
Iggy and the Stooges
Marilyn Manson
Iron Maiden

NME/Radio stage
The Rakes
Sons and Daughters
Maximo Park

Dance Arena

Carling Stage
Forward Russia
The Crimea
Echo and the Bunnymen

Things I wanted to see but missed: Gratitude, Test Icicles, Komakino, VHS or Beta, Amusement Parks on Fire, Engineers, M.I.A., Art Brut, The Duke Spirit, LCD Soundsystem, The Futureheads, Bloc Party

More later!

August 23, 2005

We are amazing

Writing about web page

Oh yes we are

Island in the Sun

A full gig review of the Weezer gig of last night to come later, and also some pictures and stuff of my own for various things when I finally have internet in my house!

Meanwhile though, I missed all but the last song of The Kooks' set last night (them crazy London gigs start things at funny timeses) but have seen and interviewed the young whippersnappers before. They are lovely (or at least I can certify loveliness of Hugh and Paul who are the two I interviewed) and hail from Brighton (though their lead singer was once a Brummie) and the youngest is 17. They all went to music college but were in separate bands playing different styles of music, so what comes out from The Kooks on stage is an eclectic mix.

They supported The Dead 60s on their tour and are supporting Weezer currently and will be supporting The Subways in the near future (darn, I thought I'd get that in before they did but they've announced it on their website: the tour will be in Autumn, when The Kooks are also playing their own mini tour). Their first single was Eddie's Gun and their newest one (due out I don't know when but we have it here in the Sugar office) is Sofa Song which is a lovely poppy summer tune that's a bit more rockin' than McFly type stuff. Listen to The Kooks if you like the bands they're supporting and I think The Bees is a good'un too.

I can't find any decent pictures to pull off for you, but go to to have a look see at the ones there and do some reading up.

August 18, 2005


The video for DOA (Foo Fighters) is amazing! watchwatchwatch

August 15, 2005


I'm being haunted by the Akon song, Lonely, being as no other relevant one comes to mind…any ideas?

I didn't go to work today cos I'm bloody ill and I hated it. Alone time is one thing but actually being alone most of the time is horrible. Alone time is of the sort that you have the underlying comfort that you can have company if you want it and loneliness is where you have alone time because you have to. I'm suffering the latter. I keep thinking I'll live on my own to see what it's like but times like these make me thing I'd never manage it. Maybe later in life or whatever but at the moment, company wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Less wobbly that yesterday, having spent my birthday weekend being horizontally ill with a nasty cold, then being sick twice on the way back to London on my birthday and feeling too sick to eat then being limp and weak this morning. LAME I started walking to the supermarket then felt so pathetically faint and dizzy that I went back and made some risotto for dinner. Feel a bit better now, looking forward to work tomorrow: some company!! Woooo!

August 12, 2005

bah humbug


It really annoys me when people sell shedloads of promos online without getting caught

August 05, 2005

Can you help

Does anyone know any young women (or are you a young woman?) who haev gotten so drunk they've ended up in casualty or done something otherwise "crazy" like fall of a bus shelter (surely drunkenness would prevent you being able to get up there?)

August 03, 2005

Office scandal of the day

Right, firstly, someone's eaten my blueberries. I chose two packs very carefully on Monday (3 for £2 at sainburys) and ate one then and was going to munch on one today. Went to our mini office fridge and found the box…practically empty. I then found at the back (while rummaging for my yoghurt) another different sized 3 for £2 box that was full of rubbishly sized blueberries that I assume belongs to the perpetrator. I'm eating them now, because I don't know what one does in such office situations. They taste really sour, possibly because each individual one is tiny and because their best before was Monday…a couple are mouldy…well, several. I think this only matters because I'm on a massively tight budget, with two weeks pay to last me a month and it feels like I've not got my money's worth seeeee.

Celeb gossip
Also, I checked google for these titbits of gossip and it doesn't look like they're public yet, even though I think one is being published in the National Enquirer soon so I'll have to make it cryptic.

Which fashion conscious celebrity is reported to be 6 weeks pregnant following her split from a famous actor?

Which drug toting musician was dumped after overdosing in front of his girlfriend's parents?

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