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June 28, 2005


Writing about web page

This is where I currently reside

Trs bien, non?

Ich habe alles Deutsch vergessen, aber ich kann die Familie von Tess verstehen, weil sie nicht zu schnelles sprechen.

Gut, ja?

June 26, 2005

Comedy error

So National Rail Enquiries told me yesterday, when I searched for L'Spa to Charlton TOMORROW to get there at 11, that the train was at 8.33. Me was surprised because oo, early Sunday train that is.

So dutifully got up this morning (albeit a tad late), got to station, bought my ticket from fancy new fast ticket machine, went to platform…my, awfully quiet…my, no trains…my, screens on screensavers. Look at timetable, oh look, first train at 9.47am, back down to foyer area, oh look, engineering work meaning all trains to Paddington instead of Marylebone, oh look, gets there at 1pm.


Hear hear Mr Drake: bloody trains

June 22, 2005

Booger it

So there's all these wonderful gigs I want to go to. Several problems present themselves:

  • Several occur not long after I start work when I'll still be orientating myself round London daytime and there won't be many people I can go gigging with
  • Sometimes tickets can be more expensive than Brum tickets
  • London gigs are generally more packed and city is huge so they're scattered (though this is somewhat of an adventure to go to lots of different venues in the same city)
  • It's going to be more expensive getting home after a gig.
  • There's some that are sold out already and I won't be able to get free tickets anymore after this Friday
  • Those that aren't sold out, I can't afford at the moment due to having no money…and given my salary and London living and the fact I want lots of CDs and hmm, food and a life, I probably won't be able to afford them before they sell out…or at all!

I am scared of London for these reasons alone! Sad it may be but I can't imagine going to less than three gigs a month…and that's bare minimum.

June 20, 2005

A red rag to a bull

Right, this has been bugging me for ages (well, as long as the new Vanish Oxiclean advert has been on telly).

I have gotten bored of searching Google, because lots of people use "red rag to a bull" as a turn of phrase.

However, I'm pretty sure that bulls only see in black and white and that if you held up any colour sheet and waved it about that it would get aggravated. The red is just for effect.

In which case, the Oxiclean advert is all wrong, because it would still be agitated by a white sheet being waved at it and the red spilt on the trousers would make no odds.

Bond….James Bond

They have so many James Bond seasons, and I've interviewed two bond girls on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire don'tcha know ( I really need to remember all these things when making a CV). However, my favourite Bond will always be this dude:

Incidentally, though that pic is gone, it's Roger Moore

Things I want to see…

Films! Lots of them. Namely Sin City, Revenge of the Sith, Closer, Dodgeball, Anchorman, some more Taken and many many others whose names I remember not.

Alton Towers

So, I can't go on one outing this week because of the possiblity of vivas and I can't go on t'other because no room in car and I would be gatecrashing somewhat. Thing is, I like Alton Towers so much and am so itching to go, that I'm sorely tempted to be a loner and just go on me own…unless anyone wants to come of course?

I can't really go after the end of this week because it will either be full of school chiddlers when I'm available, or on a saturday spare from my job which will also be chock full and queuing for rides in summer does not a happy Shall make.

June 16, 2005

Things Learnt from Finally Flinging

1. There will always be drunk crankies
2. They will inevitably be disturbing and irritating
3. My Hay Fever and a ball in field does not mix
4. Inability to stay away from rubbing my eyes = bruised feeling, bloodshot eyes
5. The bloodshotness amusingly complements the top to toe shades of red I went for: red hair, red dress, red shoes, red shawl. Silver necklace though and skin coloured hold ups
6. Hold ups are amazing and damn sexy
7. There were two other people in my dress: one was a different colour though
8. I was as shattered as at the last one and lost everyone just as much…with a phone that had been lying about how much battery it had
9. Shattered = inability to be motivated to get my money's worth
10. Shattered = unimpressed by being dropped at the top of Leam at 2am after the coach told us it was the only Leam stop
11. That GLC are awesome fun
12. That the Zutons rock to the max
13. That the whole event wasn't as bad as I've made it sound and in fact it's an awesome way to finish off your years at uni.
14. Don't go if shattered: it will actually be fun then!! :)

to bed…though when oh when will I get to have a lie in…not had one since two weeks before project was due in

June 12, 2005

Where'd it go??

So last night, I was all sensible. Not only was I not in the mood for being a piece of meat (but alas by ass was slapped twice in passing :( ), I was also incredibly chilly. So I took a warm top out with me (red and grey, long sleeve, zip up) and hooked it over my bag. I had it all night, kept checking it was still there.

Then, got my camera out to take a photo, put the camera back…and my top was gone! We were in the Cooler and it was nowhere to be seen on the floor around where I'd been.

If anyone's seen it, let me know. It's not at all expensive but I spent so long getting loads of melted chewing gum out of it, that I'd quite like it back…

June 09, 2005


hee hee, just discovered if I put my Fez on and look disgruntled, I look funny

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