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May 30, 2005

The coast is always changing

I think I will continue to title blog posts with Maximo Park lyrics. for fun

My wrist is killing. This is why projects are evil.

I had a dream last night, most of which I don't remember, but I do remember several occasions being in a glass sky-scraper, trying to get the right lift to Floor 6N and both the lifts and the stairs were being trixie, so even though I made it there once, I just couldn't find it after that and was getting all worked up. I made it to 5B via an Ikea style restaurant, but then got to a dead end and had to go down to the ground floor and start again. I think there were shops too as there seemed to be lots of people pushing trolleys and staring.


Rembetiko is a style of Greek music with a quite difficult rhythm, also termed "the Balkan Blues". It is often attributed to being typical music of bachelors: an antisocial type of music often dealing with subjects such as sex, drugs and crime.

The Rebetes were the unconventional people living oustide the social order, first appearing after the Greek War of Independence of 1821. As reflected by the term "Balkan Blues", the melancholic songs (known as Rembetika) are often compared to genres such as American blues and in the topics they deal with, are full of grief, passion, romance and bitterness, relating the misfortunes of simple, ordinary men.

If you think you've not heard any Rembetika before, you'll be interested to know that the Pulp Fiction theme evolved from a Rembetiko song: Misirlou or "The Egyptian Girl". More recently than Tarantino's 1994 film, the song was labelled as one of the most influential Greek songs of all time by the Athens 2004 Organising Committee and was heard on venues and the closing ceremony. Another impact that Rembetiko has had on modern pop culture is the influence it has had on Mr Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand who is a Greek Scot and takes influence from Rembetiko

Here is the translation from the Greek, of the Misirlou lyrics:

My Misirlou (Egyptian girl), your sweet stare
Has lit a fire in my heart
Ah, yahabibi, Ah, yahaleli, ah
(Arabic: Oh, my love, Oh, my night)
Your two lips dripping honey, ah

Ah, Misirlou, magical, exotic beauty
I'll go crazy, I can't take any more
Ah, I'll take you away from the Arab land

My black-eyed, wild Misirlou
My life changes with a kiss
Ah, yahabibi a little kiss, ah
From your sweet lips, ah

Thanks primarily go to BBC4 for part 2 of their 6 part series on Greece and also to wikipedia , the online encyclopedia. See also a film about Rembetiko made by Costas Ferris

May 29, 2005

Side notes

The Maximo Park album is indeed awesome, shaping up to be one of my favourite albums of the year I think. I may have reviewed Employment for the Beeb but I've not listened to it, or missed it, in weeks. I was listening to it and warbling along feeling quite grown up being home alone at my home house, which is very weird seeing as I'm never alone in it in the evenings (my parents have no social life). However, while I was doing this, I was chopping mushrooms and had left garlic in what I thought was a moderately hot pan. All of a sudden, the eyes burn for the second smoking today (oil overheating incident at Chesham earlier) and hayfever is fucking me in the eye also (somewhat literally).

Hmm, downstairs still smells like burnt garlic.

I also took too much glee in changing stuff round in the kitchen cupboards, which will piss my dad off and is in petty retaliation for him changing my room round whenever I'm absent. ("I made it how I would have it").

Crash was really cool on Friday (and was in honour of Jamie 's 22nd birthday. I had loads of fun, both inside the union and on the piazza beforehand and in The Funk House afterwards. While on the piazza I was trying to coax everyone into the union so that I could dance. Being as alcohol is cheaper outside the union, they invented music for me instead, only it was the kind that required a top hat and cane and tap shoes, none of which I actually had, so I had to have imaginary ones (and nearly fell flat on my face as there was an aerial liquitab over where someone had been sick...hmm, kinda glad I didn't fall over). Anyways, much dancing WAS done in the end and there are some amusing photos over at Milly's blog , I've not uploaded mine yet on account of doing STUPID PROJECT.

Alas there are no photos of Milly and I going mental to Best of You (after I'd coaxed them into playing that instead of Breakout [I think] or All My Life) and I think we scared everyone with our mass of long, loose hair, sreaming of words and going all over the place. It was definitely good exercise! Woke up with a sore throat though - this was also courtesy of Ramshackle favourite RATM - Killing In The Name Of which was much loved.

Also a question courtesy of Mr Glass: Do you have a natural rhythm?

Don't waste your life, just go outside

So, in the immortal words of Signal and Sign by Maximo Park, Don't waste your life, just go outside.

It sounds so simple but, as always, the whole easier said than done thing comes into play.

I've been very pondersome today, just generally. I'm not sure I can even collate what I've been pondering about….just bits here and there. So I'll let you decide what it is to you…

Win Thrifty Fifty

Writing about web page

RaW are giving you the chance to win £50 AND help charity, in a muchly fun manner. Check out the link above for your chance to win!

May 26, 2005

Ready, OK!

Follow-up to Monster Jam from Hub of Creativity...

Right, Sunday 21st August is the date children, come along, and what the hey, should we pit party it? The desire is so great…


Are numptees. The past two weeks, everywhere they've referred to the song Best of You other than in interviews with The Foos, they've called it Best of Me , often in several places. Do the NME have such a shoddy editing process that NOONE'S picked this up? Particularly when they list it as something they're listening to in the office.

Monster Jam

Writing about web page

Oh My God this will be amazing. Having seen this on telly at Carter and Eimear 's house, I extremely want to go and see this for my 21st, so let me know how many of you are willing to shell out on tickets. It has to be done!

"The original, biggest and best monster truck show in the world is coming to The NIA, Birmingham this summer. Clear Channel Entertainment are proud to announce the UK debut of the awesome MONSTER JAM, powering into Birmingham on Friday 19 to Sunday 21 August.

Tickets are available from The NIA Box Office on 0870 909 4144 or on-line at Tickets are priced £22.50 for adults and £15 for children, plus booking and transaction fees. Pit Party tickets are also available, allowing an exclusive chance to meet the drivers, see the trucks up close and get some fantastic pictures and autographs. Pit Party tickets are limited and are priced £26 for adults and £18.50 for children, plus booking and transaction fees.

The high octane MONSTER JAM is a stunning family show consisting of the coolest monster trucks and Freestyle Motocross with some of the world’s best drivers. MONSTER JAM is one of the biggest and most popular entertainment events in the US running around 250 shows and selling 2.3 million tickets annually.

Channel 4 will broadcast a full on brand new Brit version of the smash US hit show MONSTER JAM from 24 April, starring Stacey Cadman (Cave Girl in the CBBC hit).

A monster truck is approximately 11 feet tall and 12 feet wide. They are unique custom-designed machines and weigh a minimum of 9,000 pounds. The tyres alone are 66-inches tall! Monster trucks are built for short, high-powered bursts of speed, generating 1,500 to 2,000 horsepower and are capable of speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. Monster trucks can jump a distance of 110 to 115 feet (a distance greater than 14 cars side by side) and up to 25 feet in the air.

All monster trucks have a name – Monster Mutt, Superman, Grave Digger and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle are already confirmed for the UK dates and more will be announced too.

The monster trucks compete in two different competitions – side-by-side racing and freestyle. Side-by-side is the traditional format – the first truck, with the least penalties, across the line is the winner. The freestyle competition allows drivers a limited amount of time on the open floor to show off their skills and outrageous tricks.

MONSTER JAM is a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s taken the US by storm and now the UK is sure to follow."

May 22, 2005

Some things

Firstly, check out the Little Flames website . Mat, their guitarist, is lovely and also does all their art work, having been in art school when the band started up (in typical rock'n'roll history fashion). They also produce very listenable and high energy music and their new single has a hilarious name.

Secondly, I really want to go see 9 songs in the student cinema when it's on. I've heard so much about how shocking it is and isn't that I just want to go and see for myself now!

Thirdly, let me just remind you to get the Arcade Fire album Funeral in case you've forgotten already and also to get hold of A Certain Trigger by the tantalising Maximo Park.

A bound-to-be-a-classic that you might want to add to your collection is Ben Folds Songs for Silverman which, for your info, comes in a very kitsch CD/DVD package in the form of a hardback book. Ben Folds and a piano also comes to Warwick Arts Centre in the near future in a sold out show.

Also, a curiosity, did anyone watch Eurovision last night?

Poor Javine got very few votes, 8 of her points, surprise surprise, coming from Ireland. I feel really bad for her, not least because the song that won, from Greece, was practically exactly the same song: same style, same delivery…same dress!

A question: why is Eurovision voting so political? It's not as if it really impacts on anything at the end of it all.

May 19, 2005


I hope I haven't disappointed someone else with my abbreviation!


NINE BLACK ALPS’ replacement for the NME NEW MUSIC TOUR INSPIRED BY RIZLA has been announced.

Komakino will fill in for the Manchester rockers after they were forced to pull out due to singer Sam Forrest being taken ill.

The band will take to the stage tonight at the Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms (May 19) with headliners Maximo Park.

Komakino will also play tomorrow night as part of the tour at Gloucester’s Guildhall (May 20).

They release their debut single ’Say Something Else’ in July.

For availability for all NME New Music Tour Inspired By Rizla dates, go to NME Tickets or call them on 0870 1 663 663."

I can exclusively tell you that Sam Forrest's got the mumps, and as the boy gets around (lots of mates) there's a whole clutch of bands scared of getting them the mumps too.

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